D’awww, Sakako and Boruto bonding! This is the start of a beautiful relationship! I have to admit I was looking for a little more angst, maybe the /reveal/ of Sakako’s eye abilities (you said before she doesn’t like to tell people right??) Also the opportunity to see everyone’s reactions to SuddenlyFriends!Boruto and Sakako. Good job! Hope to see more soon, it was lovely!

Yeah, I was looking for a little more angst, too :/ But Sakako only wants to do baby steps when it comes to friendships and Boruto is more used to people pursuing him than the other way around so…

Diamonds and Spades isn’t so much the start of a friendship as it is Sakako realizing that friendship without the pressure of their parents’ epic bonds is a possibility. Like, realizing she doesn’t have to instantly click with him and vow to die/kill for him, she can just hang out with him every so often and slowly build up their friendship that way.

I’ll probably do another installment of next gen Team Seven bonding so that it’s more feels-y. This one was more like practice to figure out how that would even work, or foundation work.

But thanks, anon! I’ve been in a bit of a rut, if you can’t tell, so I’m glad someone liked it.

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