Ooooohhhh! I really love this Starstruck stuff! Can you do a wander!lust team seven??? I really love the idea that after the war for a while they just want to… Be Together. Platonically. Like, Naruto’ all, I know I screamed about homage for the first half of my life but no thanks, maybe later (kakashi is so proud) And Kakashi can come to! If he isn’t too busy as Hokage. Maybe Sakura can take over for a bit.


Wanderlust!team seven I can do, but just to clarify, anon: did you want wanderlust!team seven platonically or wanderlust!team seven in Waking Up Starstruck? Because Waking up Starstruck is my NaruKako series…

If you want a wanderlust!NaruKako platonic-to-romantic thing (with platonic Sasuke third wheeling it up) that’d be Waking Up Starstruck, if you want platonic!team seven nomadic badasses that would be… well, I’m not sure. Probably a Dreaming One Shot?

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