is there honestly anything more confusing than homophobic soulmate aus

@hyacynthbaby @tedkordisanasshole

i mean those soulmate aus where a guy is all afraid about the name on his arm bc it’s a boy’s name. like if it’s a world where everyone knows your soulmate is written on your body, like why would they be bad to two boys who’s very skin says they are to be together?? you know who writes aus like that? straight people

This! There was always something that bugged me about these kinds of AUs and I could never articulate it, but this!

Like… unless the phenomenon of soulmate-names-on-wrists is a very recent one (which, unlikely, given the usual premises) then cultures evolved around this phenomenon not the other way around.

Which means instead of two boys being together being “unnatural” or “bad,” its people who date other people who don’t match their name who are “going against what fate/god(s)/nature intended.”

Like if you very obviously have Jeff on your arm but you’re going around trying to date Annas or Megans or whatever, then clearly you are doing something wrong.

Alternatively, cultures might have evolved so that names are kept a secret–so no one can judge a person for dating people who aren’t their name–or, possibly, having a name is meant to be a platonic soulmate thing where they’re meant to be a sibling of sorts and dating them would be akin to incest… but at that point the idea that the problem is sexual orientation and not whether your names match up is baffling.

I wonder if there would be homophobes in a world where you were born with skin that literally told you that you would end up with someone of the same sex (or at least knowing the popularity of gendered names). If this world was like ours and had a lot of people who believe in an all-powerful God who created us, surely He is the one writing the names of our soulmates on our skin? And how could His plan be imperfect?

I don’t think there would be homophobes–or rather, definitely not as many as the real world and they would be going against the grain of Names Above All Else when it comes to signs from God/fate/nature so they’d be more like bizarro extremists–but there would be a movement similar to it?

Like, people who date not their Names are probably seen as worse than how conservative people in the real world view pre-marital sex and adulterers. Even though the parties involved in the relationship know the other person isn’t their Name and this is agreed to be casual (in comparison to Name relationships which might lead to obligatory marriage)… That’s probably what the homophobes of this world would be against in that world…

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