Aw yiss, I adore the idea of Sakako and Sarada becoming good friends, also of the idea that all the Uchiha kids really respect Sakako!

Well, right now they’re all kids, but I like to think that the Uchiha Clan 2.0 will be unique and super badass. Like each of them are Uchiha, of course, and will get their Sharingan, but I like the idea that each of them will use and specialize in their Sharingan in different ways–like, Sakako already has her seeing ghost wheelhouse down, but I imagine Sarada is super into the “I can learn new taijutsu just by seeing it once” and that combined with her super strength makes her A FORCE TO BEHOLD.

Keishin–once he’s old enough to tell his Yuuhi clan elders to stuff it, will probably run away from home to live with the only Yuuhi not to be skeevishly ambitious, aka his aunt Kurenai and cousin Mirai–will still be super genjutsu badass but somehow nowhere near as creepy as Sakako is.

Aki will probably set everything on fire. Everything. But at least he’ll have a smile while doing it. (He gets it from both sides of his family, okay?)

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