Those snippets were so good! So cute!! Sakako and Sarada for the win! ‘Stop ogling at my sister. Don’t make this weird for me.’ Gold!!

😀 Thanks!

Sarada definitely benefited from having three parents, in that, she probably has a spine made of steel and the sass to match. Inojin, unfortunately, only has the sass. And fantastic artistic/aesthetic abilities.

I do think that people are fond of Sakako, and she’s not as isolated as she thinks she is, but it’s also true that she’s only “most important” to Sasuke and everyone else has other people. So even though Sarada and Sakako do get along quite well, Inojin’s her real sibling–i.e. the one she is raised alongside–so they’re not very close the way siblings and best friends are.

Also, Sakako probably gives off a “do not disturb” vibe in a more polite and effective manner than her dad did when he was younger.

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