AU: NarutoxSasuke in DOS with Shikako as a surrogate mum if they ever wanted a baby?

O-okay, anon, this is… hm…

I… first off, have to go back into NaruSasu headspace–which, actually, there are some doujinshi I’ve been meaning to read, so that shouldn’t be too hard–but which I don’t normally equate with DoS as opposed to other Naruto fanfiction since, unsurprisingly, DoS is Shikako-centric so most of my recursive fic is also Shikako-centric (or Sakako, for next generation).

But I also… I don’t really… would Naruto and Sasuke even want a baby and would they want Shikako to be surrogate mother for said baby? I kind of figure they wouldn’t really want kids necessarily but if they did… wouldn’t they adopt? Given that a lot of their bonding/mutual respect for each other was the whole–we are both young orphans thing–wouldn’t they want to adopt?

Although, okay, even if they did want biological children, I kind of find it… not that Shikako would say no, but that Naruto and Sasuke wouldn’t ask her because they know she’d feel obligated to say yes even though she’d rather not?

Sorry anon, this is just going up against a lot of personal head canons that I don’t quite know how I’ll write around… Can I interest you in some Kareru Uzumaki fic with NaruSasu + Shikako instead?

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