Team Medic, DnD Fantasy Edition Picture (2016-09-21)



A/N: Playing around on Rinmaru’s Ascension Doll Maker (as per usual) while watching High Rollers and somehow a DnD Fantasy Team Medic shook out. @kuipernebula, you might be interested?

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Okay but now I need to go through and figure this out in terms of classes. Which means most of them I’m going to stick to single classes because multiclassing bothers me on principle, at least as far as AU’s and identity of characters goes.

Masumi is like, 100% an Alchemist. The problem is that this isn’t a default class in any DnD books, but there’s enough homebrew and cultural ideas to it that I’m keeping it. (Alternatively: An Artificer whose really into potions and medicine.

Sakura might work best as a Monk or a Cleric? As a Monk, we’d have to find a way to hack the class to be a healer. But a Cleric of the Slug goddess or whatever would dovetail pretty well into her overall character arc. (Is Tsunade the current slug goddess or just the current high priest? Who knows. She could also lead the slug sect of healing-based Monkhood which would be cool.)

Youbirin is probably a Runepriest, a lesser-known 4e class, mostly because of his specialty in seals? Which translate well enough to runes.

Jiro is most likely a Shaman, Druid, or Favored Soul. The former two if you can find a way to focus him on lightning, and the lattermost otherwise because his focus is more on intuition than study like the other two.

Oooh, cool! I know basically the logistics of DnD but not so much the world (just started playing so still a newbie here), so those sound super cool.

I didn’t really know about Alchemists/Artificers and Runepriest but both of those sound excellent for Masumi and Youbirin. I guess since Masumi only happens to be medic nin because she wants to work with medicine and not so much that she wants to actually heal people. I was thinking Druid for Youbirin because his training montage with Takama and the Cranes, but Runepriest is fantastic.

I feel like as a fighter, Sakura is more Monk-like, but as a healer would be Cleric (of the Slug Goddess, yes perf). Unless there are Clerics that just specialize in unarmed combat (I know in High Rollers, Cam the Cleric is a very Rogue-like Cleric because his Goddess is all about luck and fortune and tricksters)?

I think probably not Druid for Jiro since he’s the only one out of the three that doesn’t have a summon animal… I considered Bard mostly because I headcanoned him as the most charming out of the three of them and since his whole thing is genjutsu-lightning-nervous system it kind of jives with a more human-based thing instead of a god-based source. But Shaman and Favored Soul is good, too.

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