Hope I don’t throw you off your Sakako or DnD vibe or anything, but: Tokyo GhoulxDoS! In any way you want. I was specifically thinking of ghouls being actual lurkers in the DoS world That’d be an interesting mission, with a high chance of death.


I don’t know if you’re the same anon, but I checked these asks at the same time and they kind of fused together into a cool idea so… here’s a brainstorm:

I don’t really know much about Tokyo Ghoul except for the basics and what I could glean of the wiki page, but I kind of feel like the mass Edo Tensei would have some repercussions that could very easily be ghouls/half-ghouls existing alongside living humans and eating them for power etc. etc.

If anything, this seems like a pretty good premise world for next generation to live in.

Because, if you think about it, Naruto’s generation basically created world peace amongst the Elemental Nations so… why do shinobi still exist? Like, sure, civilians still want them to assassinate their enemies/kill off bandits/protect them from wildlife/do their chores etc. etc. But, you know, a good amount of the reason behind the Hidden Villages is a sort of cold war/collect more power thing, so maybe now instead of other villages they’re raised to hunt down ghouls and other creepy undead creatures that are the fallout of the mass Edo Tensei.

Which, I mean, Sakako’s ability to see ghosts would be helpful somehow? Like she can see un-enhanced ghosts easily, and while ghouls look like normal humans to other people they look a little off to Sakako. Like… they’re double layered or glowing weirdly or something that she can immediately spot if a person is a ghoul or a human.

It definitely ups the stakes for shinobi since ghouls are canonically faster/stronger/etc than humans so even the chakra-enhanced shinobi are maybe about on equal footing as ghouls (unless they’re like Lee in which case, no, he’s definitely faster than a ghoul). And maybe ghouls do prefer to eat shinobi–maybe chakra gives them more power/sustains them longer or something?

As for the title thing… I’m not very keen on Sakako inheriting her mother’s title as opposed to making one for herself, but when I tried to find a badass name for Sakako that was as punny as Shikabane for Shikako the only thing even slightly cool I could find was Sakarau (逆らう) which means to go against/oppose/defy and that’s not as on the nose as Shikabane-hime.

The “big bads” in next gen appear to be ~aliens~ via the Otsutsuki clan which… okay… and Shin Uchiha. Which is very next gen Team Seven problems considering the Otsutsuki clan seam to have a strong connection to the Hyuuga clan and Shin Uchiha was one of Orochimaru’s experiments with the Sharingan and that accounts for all three members of the next gen Team Seven.

But, again, that’s all inherited big bads from their parents which… I dunno, I kinda want them to have their own enemies/obstacles to defeat? So maybe there’s also a big bad who is gathering up ghouls or somehow responsible for producing more or SOMETHING so that this generation can have something to fight that isn’t just “sins of the father” because I do not support the parental complexes all of canon next gen seem to have, apparently.

Anon(s?) those are pretty cool ideas and I think I’ll incorporate it as a DoS next gen headcanon so I’ll make a Walking Around ‘verse note to myself to write something about how becoming an expert ghoul hunter gives Sakako a badass name? Or makes people have awful flashbacks to the carnage that her mother inflicted against zombies during the Fourth World War?

Something cool, hopefully. 😀

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