love all your dos stories! who do you think is the hardest character to write? I know you find kakashi pretty hard… anyone who’s harder to write than him?

Thanks, anon! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

The hardest character for me to write besides Kakashi? Hm… of the characters I’ve actually written, I presume you mean…

Surprisingly? Naruto is pretty difficult for me to write. It’s why Quest for the Queen gave me so much trouble (and why I was so surprised to actually finish it). If he were easier for me to write, I’d probably have him way more involved in Down Every Road or, I mean, if I could form a proper headcanon for a Team Seven OT3 I’d probably have a series for that.

It’s hard to get into his headspace. I admire him as a character, but as a person I just can’t relate at all. Shikako and Sasuke I can easily understand–part of what I love about DoS (and the reason why I went on to do the podfic) is that I empathize with Shikako so much. Sasuke is… well… his motivations and reactions adhere to an internal logic that, while not my own, is still realistic.

I have no idea what’s up with Naruto. He’s basically the direct opposite of myself–he forgives easily (instead of holding grudges forever and a day like myself), he’s excited about life (somehow without also being curious about the world), he’s generous and loving and he empathizes with everyone but it’s not tactful or sensitive: he doesn’t understand the consequences of his or other people’s actions. He doesn’t understand that there are some lines that should never be crossed.

And I know some of that is because most Shounen Protagonists are walking talking cliches of HEART and OPTIMISM, but it’s just so… I just can’t do it for some reason.

Like… this is also a part of the reason why I’m reluctant to write Boruto yet. Because my brain already can’t really wrap my head around Naruto, and then a Naruto who ends up with Hinata (I’m not ship bashing, I just honestly don’t understand they had so few interactions? It’s not even like Harry and Ginny where people were discontent with the epilogue definitively making them end up together, I’m like honestly baffled. It’d be like if Harry ended up with… er… which Creevey brother survived? Like… the fraction of “screen time” Hinata got in which she actually interacts with Naruto is probably the same as the Creevey brothers with Harry.)

And then there’s the fact that I’m like 90% sure that the Naruto in next gen canon has depression despite having achieved world peace and his childhood dream. And I’m not saying people can’t be depressed even though they are successful in life. But it just… it’s a very tricky thing to maneuver even though I myself also suffer from depression. There is this huge gap between teenage Naruto and adult Naruto that I can’t quite understand, and given that I already can’t grasp teenaged Naruto’s thought process it’s basically impossible for me to jump to adult Naruto and Boruto as his son from there.

Erm… sorry about that–hope it didn’t sound too much like complaining. Uh, but I can still occasionally catch on some points when it comes to Naruto (it’s more miss than hit, unfortunately) whereas Kakashi is meant to be opaque and it’s like… I can’t crack open his mystery. That’s who he is. He’s a carefully crafted construct of heartbreak and coping mechanisms and I just cannot do that to him.

I can get his external voice (like what he’d say to other characters), which is why it’s super fun to have Team Seven react to the occasional cameo, but his internal voice is just ??????

I also sometimes have trouble with Gaara… and also Temari. But that’s mostly because in comparison, Kankurou is waaaaaaay easier and my brain is just like–if you’re going to write about one of the sand siblings, why not Kankurou? He’s great.

And I’m usually like: sure, brain, you’re the boss. Let’s totally give Kankurou more lines than Gaara in the ShikakoxGaara series, that makes total sense.

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