Are you working on prompts right now?

Oh, anon, you’re adorable. Am I working on prompts right now? Do you know how many prompts I have to fill, still? SO MANY, ANON, SO MANY–and this is literally only for DoS:

Dreaming of S(omething)
— anonymous: Shikako/Gaara from Team 7’s POV
— anonymous: Gaara/Shikako the morning after/or the moment they themselves realize their relationship is more than “just friends”
— anonymous: Dreaming of S(haring the World) aka next gen Sand Sibs raised by Shikaara (and Kankurou) FEELS!

Gambling Away The Past, 5/?
— anonymous: deer summon shenanigans

Down Every Road, 4/?
— anonymous’ giant list of prompts:
1) enraged/emotional/protective Sasuke (in context of Grass Chuunin Exams)
2-4) Ino, Naruto, and Itachi’s POV of Shikasuke
5) Ino, Naruto, Itachi, and Shikako bonding over being part of the “protect Sasuke” squad
6) Ino, Naruto, and Itachi bonding over being part of the “get Shikako and Sasuke together” squad
7) long distance relationship Shikasuke (via letter writing and unamused summons, no doubt)
— anonymous: (Walking Around) Down Every Road aka Shikako and Sasuke planning/dealing with pregnancy.

Hail To The Queen, 5/?
— anonymous: sometime in the future, somehow ends up a temporary daimyo for a foreign country

Walking Around ‘verse
— anonymous: Sakako and Boruto bonding on a mission gone wrong in Walking Around ‘verse

Kakashi POV Fic (*)
— anonymous: Kakashi POV of Shikako – bell test, Wave mission, Chuunin Exams, Sasuke Retrieval, Gelel aftermath, Grass Chuunin Exams, Tokubetsu promotion, etc.

(More) Future Fic (*)
— anonymous: Shikako in the epilogue and Boruto the movie. How would she change everything? Kakashi and Shikako scene requested.

anonymous: “There are only four Lucky Seven.” “Well, the other three weren’t very lucky, were they?”

future-tongue: Tsunade and Sasuke bonding fic (Walking Around ‘verse or otherwise)

cadalie: Shikako and Neji’s Revolutionary Crusade of Fuinjutsu and Great Justice

Stars Also Dream, 6/? (aka Jedi Yoshino)
— book14reader: the other surviving padawans

I may occasionally write and post other things, but this list above is basically my priority when it comes to writing. I keep trying to chip away at it and then sometimes I’ll write something and end up with more feels or other people will end up with feels and then give me feels and it’s a never-ending circle, anon.

This list also doesn’t include the unprompted things I have in mind for certain series.

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