Kinda curious what you would make of a DoSxHomestuck crossover. Like, her crazy missions are her (unknowingly) working her way through her trials. The gelel stuff is her obtaining her weapon (like John’s hammer and Dave’s sword). Since she would end being a god, she tries makes ‘friends’ with the bijuu, being that they would be some of the few immortals(if they are killed it’s really more like dispersing, and they’ll just reform in a couple centuries). Maybe Kaguya is one of the other ‘players’.

Ah, sorry to say I don’t know much if anything about Homestuck. I liked the idea, but I just was never really able to immerse myself into it. :/ Sorry.

But character-as-a-Gamer has always been pretty interesting to me (SQ actually did one with Iruka which is a fantastic read, as per usual for SQ) and there’s also one of my old time faves A Lifetime of Chances which has Team Seven stuck in a time loop and in Chapter 6 it briefly brushed upon the idea that the more loops they go through, the more powerful they get, and eventually they’d become even stronger than the Shinigami.

That’s all I can really think of that would be even vaguely related to your ask? I mean, you’ve checked out my DoS crossover post so you’ve probably also seen the FFVII idea with Kaguya and Shikako as Ancient 2.0 and 3.0 and possibly even read Stories of Ancient Gods. Um… yeah.

It sounds like a cool idea, I don’t know enough about Homestuck, but it definitely sounds like a DoSxHomestuck crossover would be a fascinating read if it’s about Shikako accidentally achieving god status and having to deal with all the bizarre abilities/responsibilities/shenanigans that come with it.

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