I think Sarada would officially be an Uchiha because of the revival thing, but might choose to use Haruno. The screening for the program must have been brutal, for the bio mom – at least chunin level, no bloodlimit – and any else in the child’s life. I’d guess Sasuke would considered them clan members while Sakako is his daughter. He probably provides stipends for their care, and each is expected to form a branch. Maybe 4 or 5 others, depending on that possible 2nd child, for Lucky 7.

I was thinking she’d be under Haruno for legal reasons but have an Uchiha note on her medical records. And obviously, whoever’s in charge of the Uchiha repopulation would be able to keep track regardless of names. And, not that they’re going to turn into the weird slavery thing going on with Hyuuga, but the Uchiha name would then denote the “Main” while not having the Uchiha name but still being part of the clan would be “Branch.”

And it’d make it so much harder for bloodline theft if no one is named Uchiha–and since the Sharingan’s default state is dark eyes and not like the Byakugan’s obvious pupil-less white eyes, THIEVES CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE NEARLY EVERYONE HAS DARK EYES AND THE SLOWLY REPOPULATING UCHIHA CLAN ARE SAFE.

But, true, they may very well use both for Sarada. She’d definitely introduce herself to people as Haruno instead of Uchiha since as far as she’s concerned she’s only Uchiha in blood and not in pracitce.

The screening program was pretty brutal–but they probably didn’t rank cap it, mostly because they wouldn’t want to limit potential surrogates to shinobi and thus reduce their labor pool. They did probably check things like chakra capacity even if they weren’t necessarily shinobi. For example, a lot of the medic corps aren’t necessarily ninja but they do learn to use chakra (and also, as medic nin they’d hear of the program first) and would have good chakra control/capacities.

Since the Nara affiliation isn’t technically a bloodlimit, Shikako did pass the screening for it. Though Sakako may very well have been produced outside of it anyway because, you know, Shikasuke.

The surrogates do receive stipends, and Sasuke/the remains of the Uchiha finances do factor for most of it. But seeing as how Konoha would want to repopulate such a strong bloodline, there is a government subsidy for part of it.

There are at least two others that I fleetingly thought of–definitely there are actually more than that, but only two that I even vaguely considered before this. One of the surrogates is Ami who isn’t as awful as she used to be and is kind of like an awkward and exasperated in-law to the giant mass of convoluted relationships that makes up Konoha Twelve+Sakura+Sai. Another is from Kurama clan (aka Yakumo’s clan who somehow didn’t learn the first time) or the Yuuhi clan (aka Kurenai’s clan who already have red eyes naturally and probably are a minor clan who are actually or claim to be long ago branched from the Uchiha anyway) and is trying to make a SUPER GENJUTSU BLOODLINE and possibly take “Main” status from Sakako because of that.

There’s definitely more, but I haven’t thought that far about it…?

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