I can definitely see Sakako as totally unnerving to be around. Some eyes that are OP in the first place tracking things others can’t see? Seeming to just spontaneously know everything about a person or place? She would be especially frightening to ninjas. Who would wanna be around someone who could see all the people they’ve KILLED? Who could make THEM see? The people who are close to her probably just find her charming though. We all know how good at denial ninjas are.

Yeah, for people who haven’t been exposed to her / aren’t related to her Sakako is pretty creepy. She knows better than to tell people the things she gleans from their ghosts, but even she slips up sometimes.

Not everyone turns into ghosts, though–violent deaths/people with regrets/etc–so it’s not EVERYONE that a ninja kills. Just the ones that are more… personal, maybe? But, yeah, her abilities are a lot more frightening to ninja than they are to civilians. Simply since most civilians don’t have ghosts, and even the ones that do… well. Her ability would be seen more as a spiritual thing than the weaponized thing that ninja always default to.

If I were to write the adventures of this Team Konohamaru, there would definitely be at least one mission where her being able to see ghosts helps the tortured client be at peace with the loss of *insert dead family member here*. Probably a daimyo because, let’s be honest here, she’s inheriting double the luck and there’s also Boruto who has his share of Lucky Seven fortune.

Those who are close to her but don’t know she sees ghosts (because she really does keep that mostly to herself) probably just think she’s really observant and good at inferring things. Like Shikako, a lot of the things she remarks on is from her prior knowledge, but people just think she’s intelligent and has good instincts (ie the post Tsukuyomi conversation with Jiraiya).

Reincarnated from another world is a little more out there than the ability to see ghosts, so some people might guess at Sakako’s ability. But they may also attribute it to her just being her mother’s daughter when it comes to information gathering.

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