(Not a prompt) I always imagine Shikako getting really tall in her late teens. It’s something about Shikabane-hime easily meeting you in the eye or staring down at you, exuding this strong and powerful aura, or being that pillar of strength and will, or something. (It’s also because I read somewhere that George Washington was described as powerful and scary-looking since he was really tall, and it matched the kind of person he was. Then I thought of Shikako earning the same reputation in battle)

Hehehehe, that would be pretty amazing, anon! Especially if she grows to be taller than her teammates and brother (maybe even taller than the other Konoha Twelve?).

She’d probably be more of the Kakashi kind tall, though, you know like lanky and bean-pole-ish. She’d probably adopt his lazy slouchy stance just to put up with suddenly being so much taller than the people she used to cuddle into for safety (I mean, lazy slouchy stances are practically Nara currency, but she’d probably emanate a distinct Hatake flare to hers :P).

Though with her greatcoat she probably has quite the intimidating silhouette more along the lines of Ibiki’s… until she takes it off and then it turns out she’s just suuuper lanky with a lot of scrolls and armor underneath her coat.

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