I did like it very much! I also really liked how Shikadai seemed Nara, but also very different from both Shilamaru and Shikako. I look forward to any more there might be, and honestly would be fine with a blathering of feels!

Thanks! I’m glad you like it 😀

I’m not keen at all on the whole “next gen is a repeat of previous gen” thing going on in canon, because that’s just… what. But you gotta work with what you’ve got. That being said, Shikadai is probably the most interesting for me because Temari is his mother and his existence is possibly a matter of international politics.

And even if its not, I just like the idea that he’s caught between two worlds and two cultures, and even though the decision has been made for him which one he’ll belong to (Nara/Konoha) I like the idea that the other side still compels him. Also, there are repercussions to people falling in love–not always good–Temari has left her position of prestige and even though she’s not actively hated in Konoha it’s a far cry from how she’s treated in Suna.

I hope that, whether canon or DoS future at least, Shikamaru takes note of this and the two of them travel back to Suna frequently. But, again, there are repercussions to even this good-intentioned act: probably, Shikadai is frequently dragged along or left behind to be watched with family members or Team Ten’s families. But I think it’s probably better in DoS future–or my head canon for DoS future–since Shikako frequently travels and its established that Kareru gets passed around the Konoha Twelve for babysitting.

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