Cross Post: Ode to 11010201, Familiar and Flight [incomplete] (2016-08-20)

A/N: Next couple of days will be incomplete posts set in my Ode To 11010201 series. Most of these were written back when the series was suuuper thinly veiled Teen Wolf fanfiction. Like the characters are so recognizable even though I’ve changed their names and swapped some roles around.

original here. dated 2013-01-12.


They have other people in their lives–mutual, if still separate, family; his pack, her coven–but they developed a somewhat unhealthy dependency on each other. Despite the fact she’s already returned home (back to where her apartment is) and his school has started up again, they keep in contact and continue to practice magic with each other. With Dr Kaiza being extremely unhelpful and unnecessarily vague as usual, most of what they “practice” is improving what they’ve already done and testing what ideas from science fiction and fantasy novels are possible. There’s a googledoc list they both have access to, which changes whenever one of them comes up with something new to try or has to record a successful or unsuccessful attempt. 

Unsurprisingly, there are more failures than not.

They’re supposed to be working on the simpler, less dangerous things due to the distance. But she honestly didn’t think this one would do anything, so she gave it a half-hearted shot. Now there’s a leopard in her bedroom. Specifically, on her bed.

She had practically flung herself to the corner of her room in an act of self-preservation. Somewhat dumb self-preservation because it had been away from the door and windows, and now there’s a leopard between her and the escape routes. She doesn’t know what to do. So far, it’s just been staring at her, but that doesn’t mean it won’t attack at some point. She stays as still as possible, because that’s worked for the past five minutes and she doesn’t want to push her luck. And anyway, she doesn’t have access to a near enough water source or an effectively threatening plant form. While she has been working on wind based moves, it’s her third element for a reason and she can barely summon a mild breeze to set off her wind chime much less a gust strong enough to knock over a full grown leopard.

It’s tail swishes back and forth menacingly, hypnotically. Maybe it’s waiting until she passes out from fear or exhaustion before attacking. One giant paw creeps toward her. Or maybe not. It begins to step off the bed when …

This was not his original intent. It wasn’t quite an accident, but he didn’t begin with this in mind. That happened later.

He had meant to work through some of the more harmless spells from the Harry Potter series–helpful, nothing too dangerous. But there were only so many cover stories he could tell about why all the locks were melted before logic demanded he give up on Alohomora. Though that didn’t stop him from deliberately melting the lock to Mrs Jerry’s classroom, conveniently postponing the physics exam until tomorrow since no one could actually get to them.

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