Missed Post (2016-08-14)


Today had a lot of ups and downs–more ups, technically, but the downs were more down than the ups were up, and some of those downs were supposed to be ups that fell through… if any of that makes any sense.

Basically the moving in process is two steps forward, three steps back.

Also, I realized for Stars Also Dream that I did the math wrong–Yoshino doesn’t need to have stopped aging, she needs to have suddenly aged… at least mentally. So I guess I could do something where physically she’s in stasis, but mentally she ages? Which is weird but… hrmph. I’m disappointed in myself–how could I math wrong? I love math! Alas, it clearly does not love me back.

Okay, so, I needed to visualize the math in order to make sure I wasn’t messing up again and came up with the following for Stars Also Dream:

(under the cut in case you’d rather not know exact ages and keep the ambiguity…)

So Yoshino is a 15 year old padawan when Anakin goes Dark side and Palpatine takes over as Emperor and the Skywalker twins are born. Which isn’t too bad considering Obi-Wan was a padawan up through his twenties. Also, Yoshino could have started off as a very young padawan ~10/11 and only had four years with Master Bant making it in line with “for a handful of years” in part 2 of SAD (… omg, is that really what this series abbreviates to?)

Since I am obviously ignoring Naruto canon and replacing it with DoS canon (which makes a lot more sense) then that means in DoS/Sunshine Sidestories canon, Yoshino only mentally refers to herself as 24 years old in her POV chapter and it’s never specifically brought up in either fic otherwise. Since SQ has given me tacit permission to age up DoS Ibiki for the sake of this series, I’m hoping that extends to physically aging Yoshino down by three years. Which isn’t too bad (and means I only have to age up Ibiki by seven years instead of ten, hooray). 

While that does mean the “physical” age difference between Shikaku and Yoshino is four years (as opposed to the “mental”/canon age difference of one year) that’s totally respectable, especially since I’m pretty sure they don’t start a relationship until Yoshino’s at least physically ~17/18 and mentally ~20/21 and while Shikaku is ~21/22. Given what people in this world are getting up to at age twelve that’s more than playing it safe, I think.

It’s my fanon understanding that most of the Rookie Nine’s parents were older than Naruto’s parents by a few years (barring, perhaps, Sasuke’s mother Mikoto). But since Yoshino is a little bit aged down, that means it’s very likely that she is the same age or not too much older than Kushina. And thus that subplot can move forward without any hangups on my part.

Now how to resolve the vertical blue line of rapid aging… I kinda have an idea but I need to ponder it some more and I’ll probably turn it into a proper installment for the series. It’ll probably be emotionally taxing–SAD, one might even say.

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