Humans have perfected the person/computer interface, allowing you to download skills and knowledge instead of going through traditional schooling. Lacking the necessary funds, you decide to bootleg the skill you’ve been wanting.

Untitled (2016-08-01)

Maia wakes up with a jolt, limbs flailing out as if electrocuted. She ends up punching the wall and spends the next handful of seconds groaning in pain.

Once that’s done, she checks the time–half past three in the morning, fantastic–and spends another handful of seconds hating the world.

“Are you unwell?” Rhys asks, his translucent head sticking out of her nightstand–empty eye socket and all, “We have another guest, but I can tell him to wait until the morrow.”

She’d prefer it if they’d wait until a more decent time so she can get some sleep, but apparently ghosts can’t move on unless it’s between midnight and sunrise. Lucky her.

Another handful of seconds screaming into her pillow and she’s good.

“Let’s do this,” she says, clawing her way out of her gloriously comfortable bed, and standing woozily in her ratty old high school class t-shirt and some boxer shorts with tigers on them. “I’m going to exorcise the shit out of this ghost.”

Rhys, having gotten used to her lack of decorum over the months of acting as her spiritual guide, merely sighs.

Hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

It’s a funny story, actually.

Well, no, it’s just kind of stupid.

See, so, Maia already used her allotted government sponsored downloads by getting a bachelor’s degree in philosophy which seemed like a good idea at the time until she realized the only thing someone can do with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy–besides signing up for a master’s program in philosophy which just seems like postponing the matter–is, apparently, being a receptionist for her aunt’s New Age House of Healing.


And, it’s, well. Not all that bad really. She doesn’t hate her job, and some of the stuff is kind of interesting in a charmingly hokey sort of way.

It’s just that it’s kind of boring and also, since she’s literally just sitting on her ass the entire day, she’s starting to get unhealthy. Any muscle tone she had before has kind of just melted into flab and it probably doesn’t help that next door is a bakery and she eats there every day.

Which is why she wanted to download an exercising app.

Exercising. With an e. Not an o.

Curse her cheapskate tendencies.

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