Word Prompts (A35): Apology

Anja spots him in the crowd, nearly a foot taller than everyone around him, treading awkwardly like a giraffe on uneven ground.

(She laughs and laughs and laughs.)

When Tucker finally reaches her, he stands only slightly impatiently off to the side for her to catch her breath.

When she does, she punches him in the hip.

“You asshole,” she says, “Shaving your head alone is not going to cut it.”

He silently holds out a box of Ghirardelli chocolate.

“Closer,” she capitulates, taking the box and walking away. She could just weave through the crowd, but she takes care not to walk too fast and leave him behind.

He has a lot of making up to do, after all.

(She carefully ignores the feeling of his eyes on the long row of stitches on her scalp.)

It wasn’t an accident.

Though that isn’t to say her injury was on purpose either.

Both of them knew the risks going in, the likelihood of danger, and even if they had known for certain this was the outcome, truth be told, they very well would have done it again.

(Kids, you know? Tucker’s always been a softie for kids.)

Which isn’t to say that Anja wouldn’t have willingly gotten bashed across the head to save a bunch of kids, but its safe to say that Anja’s in it more to catch the bad guys than to protect random innocents.

(Hey, whatever works, right?)

Now if only she could convince Tucker into letting her back on the case. Desk work may be boring as fuck, but it’s better than having to listen to her brother-in-law point out the horrible flaws in her lifestyle.

They come into work the next day with matching (horrific) shaves and two boxes of donuts, because their entire squad are just as bad at controlling impulses when it comes to food and their dentists hate them.

(Except for Miranda who is married to her dentist and has perfect teeth to show for it. Nonetheless, she sneaks three whole donuts because she’s a weirdo who keeps mouthwash in her desk drawer to prevent her wife from finding out about her terrible eating habits).

Anja is hailed as a hero and Tucker is hailed as said hero’s sidekick which is their due.

(Okay, so, ‘hailed’ is a little bit strong of a word. Basically, everyone smacks Anja on the back in congratulations–which is still super bruised those assholes–and Tucker is in charge of their paperwork until all the letters on her desktop stop wobbling dangerously)

She loves her job.

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