Stars Also Dream, a DoSxSW crossover series 1/? (2016-07-18)

You dream, sometimes, of your childhood. When the night winds blow through the trees and the place in bed beside yours has been cold for too long.

Before, you found your time occupied by your training, by your husband, by your children. Too busy and too tired to remember. But now your twins have grown and the house is empty; your husband no longer there to soothe you back to sleep. You find your mind restless and impatient.

Memories you’ve long buried begin to bubble back up to the surface, battles and war on a larger scale than you’ve become accustomed. A different family lost, betrayed. Your own history hidden away for protection–though you’re never sure for whose.

Sometimes, you dream.

You dream of Coruscant, the buzz of so many people, the Force flowing playfully through you and your fellow initiates. You dream of the Room of a Thousand Fountains, sleeping alongside your clan members, of trying to hide your excitement lest the masters sense your emotions. You dreamed of becoming a Jedi Knight someday, eager to see the rest of the galaxy.

One day, you dreamed, you’d see other planets and fight evil and know that you were part of something much larger than yourself. Part of a grand tradition, celestial and intimidatingly beautiful.

You dreamed, then, of your future. You dream, now, of your past.

You think, at first, it is merely regret plaguing you. The thought of yet another child of yours never knowing the truth of the world–of their heritage. But it creeps into your mind during the day, every time you look up at the sky, and that sense you’ve carefully blocked off blows open wide and frightened and full of warning.

Chakra is unusual, something that took you years to adjust to, but the Force?

The Force has always been with you.


A/N: Based off this fake fic summary brainstorming Yoshino as a secret jedi. I’m not super sure where I’m going with this, really… mrgh… I just wanted to give it a try but it was harder than I thought it would be.

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