Hi! Thanks for replying to my AO3 questions! So I hope you don’t mind but here’s another: so far your Shikako becomes Hokage are all centred pretty early in the series so what about Shikako who becomes a Hokage after the whole moon country arc? I know it’s not likely but just wondering what you think the clan / citizens response would be



So, I guess the more face-saving reason is that I’m going vaguely chronologically? In the sense that “she who kills the kingslayer” happens during the Konoha Chuunin Exams then comes “she who ousts the traitor” which is after she gets hit by Tsukuyomi and then “she who seizes the throne” starts actually where DoS canon is now (as of chapters in the early 100s). 

The more embarrassing reason is that I haven’t actually read/watched all of Naruto Shippuden. I mean, I know what happens in it because of spoilers/wiki pages… but I’m… more of a fan of the world than the canon, if that makes any sense. Which is why I’m so fond of DoS because it repackages Naruto canon in a way that I find more palatable and, actually, with far less plot holes so…

In short, I’m basically coming up with these as I read DoS and branching off from there.

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