The Queen’s Council brainstorm/review response (2016-06-21)

Oh, wow, that’s a lot of questions. I guess the easiest (and arguably most important) to answer would be the matter of the Nara clan regarding one of their own being the Hokage.

And right off the bat I can say, very surprised. Because here’s the thing. The Nara clan are all very intelligent. That, almost more than their shadow jutsu, is what they’re known for. But they’re also known for being really unambitious. Like–they excel in their chosen fields despite their laziness.

The position of Jounin Commander? It’s not actually a hereditary one–it just looks like it, because for the past three generations (if not more) the most qualified person to wrangle elite jounin and deploy Konoha’s troops strategically has happened to be a Nara. Specifically, the Nara who has been groomed to lead people as a matter of birth (as opposed to the other members of the clan who are more than happy to fall into place). Head of the Nara Clan and Jounin Commander has become conflated over the years, but they’re not actually the same.

Additionally, the Nara aren’t a Noble clan or particularly prestigious. As I said previously, their three most distinctive qualities are their intelligence, laziness, and their shadow jutsu–which isn’t even a blood limit. Technically, anyone can do shadow jutsu, it just takes a non-Nara way more chakra to do it.

So it’s my personal belief that the Akimichi (as one of Konoha’s four Noble clans) were, in the Warring Clans Era, the liege clan to the Yamanaka and Nara vassals. I forget where exactly I’ve read this, but likely it’s something like–the Akimichi owned the land while the Nara tended their herds and the Yamanaka their agriculture. And, you know, that evolved over time–servants becoming allies becoming friends–but there’s still a hint of hierarchy?

Basically, no one ever expected a Hokage to come from the Ino-Shika-Cho clans–and even if they did, money probably would have been on an Akimichi. Simply because, given that the Hokage must be the strongest shinobi in the village (or, at the very least, have a strong enough battle presence that they can do the position justice) of the three clans the Akimichi are the ones who are heavy hitters (pun not intended).

It’s only lately (Shikaku, passing on variant techniques to his children) that the Nara shadow jutsu have become more than just paralyze/control. And it’s been stated that most Nara focus and specialize on the shadow jutsu as opposed to branching out.

I mean, obviously, Shikako is unique to the Nara clan–having other skills to fall back on. In fact, the shadow jutsu aren’t even her main staple in battle. But as a whole, the Nara clan isn’t what anyone in Konoha would call… legendary.

So, yes, the Nara clan is very surprised to see one of their own wearing the hat. But given in this iteration (she who ousts the traitor) it was because of her outmaneuvering Danzo (or, at least, turning the clans against Danzo via politics) that, at least, is a very Nara way to become Hokage.

As for the matter of reinstating Uzu–that is, granting the Uzumaki “clan” a seat in the senate, well… she basically guilted everyone into voting unanimously, so there some mixed feelings. Not all good.

This is how I think everyone voted originally (before the guilt tripping) and why:

Senju: yes – seeing as how the Senju is a clan of one and that one is Tsunade who very obviously has a soft spot for Naruto and, you know, is herself an Uzumaki descendant. I don’t see why she would vote any other way.

Uchiha: yes – again, similar to Tsunade, except with Sasuke. And given he is also a twelve/thirteen year old head of a clan of one, he doesn’t see why Naruto shouldn’t also get the full (boring) benefits of having a seat in the senate.

Hyuuga: no – they very clearly value their hierarchy and wouldn’t really approved of one such person being elevated above their status. And it’s not even really anything against Naruto personally–because Minato was well-respected as Hokage and Kushina a very powerful shinobi in her own right–but there’s a difference between strength and nobility (as a social class)

Aburame: no – again, not out of anything personal, mostly just that they don’t really see why Sasuke has a vote and don’t think that should also be extended to Naruto. They’re okay with Tsunade, even the is also a clan of one, because they’re a matriarchal society and also Tsunade is an adult and one of the legendary Sannin at that. Like… arguably her decisions would have the weight of experience and maturity, whereas two teenaged boys who don’t speak on behalf of anyone besides themselves (they are clans of one) shouldn’t be given so much power.

Inuzuka: maybe? – this one I’m kind of unsure about because, on the one hand, they don’t see anything wrong with Naruto/the Uzumaki clan having what arguably should be his. Inuzuka loyalty and all that. But on the other hand, it might seem like a puppy being told to go make his own pack or go be a lone wolf. Is he prepared? Probably not.

Akimichi: surprisingly, no – this one is more in line with the puppy going off on his own. Naruto just isn’t ready. Akimichi are really big on PROTECT THE CHILDREN. They’d probably suggest something like… have a rank cap or something–once he hits jounin, then he can get the seat. (Even though Sasuke already has one and he’s teeechnically still a genin, too. And, you know, the Hokage also).

Nara: probably? – they’re still mostly bewildered at having one of their own be Hokage and implementing such radical changes in the government that they kinda just go along with whatever she wants.

Yamanaka: it depends – even if the clan head (and, thus, the senate seat holder) isn’t Inoichi, I feel like the Yamanaka would be able to tell where this proposal is going to go. Like… if a Nara knows what an enemy is going to do three steps ahead in battle, a Yamanaka probably knows what someone is going to argue even before the subject is brought up. Obviously, the Hokage has proposed giving the Uzumaki clan a seat for a reason. And given she’s the Hokage because she was able to convince the clans that Danzo was scum of the earth, it’s not hard to predict that she’ll be able to convince them to do this thing. So… probably yes, just because they’re too intuitive not to know what Shikako wants.

And then all the guilt tripping changes the votes of the Hyuuga, Aburame, (and Inuzuka, maybe), and Akimichi (though, really, their original no wasn’t all that firm of one anyway). Hiashi probably maintains some degree of begrudging disgruntlement (ahahaha, surprise you asshole, Naruto’s going to be your son-in-law, probably) but he’s already given in once and Shikako is definitely going to use this as a foothold to give other people seats in the senate.

The Aburame clan matriarch is kinda… well, if she’s Shibi’s mother (as I theorized in the original Hail To The Queen chapter) then she’s probably old enough to have had been a active shinobi before Uzushio fell. She would have had friends from Uzu, probably including Uzumaki, and given how old Mito was? She probably remembers her and how much she did for the village, even after her husband (and children? like…. what happened to Tsunade’s parents and uncles/aunts?) died. The Uzumaki isn’t much now, but maybe they will be, and so they say yes more out of a desire to honor the past and welcome the future than for Naruto himself. The Aburame are both detail-oriented AND big-picture people.

In the future, Shikako does go about adding more clans to the senate (though, no more one-people clans; sorry, Kakashi). And, eventually, a way to represent non-clan shinobi (maybe by job description? Or geographic population? I’m not sure). This particular Shikako wants her reign to be as transparent and non-dictatorial as possible.

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