Goddesses of Olympus – Shoes of Prey (2016-06-17)

A/N: I was considering having today’s post be a missed post, given that my writing today was more… commercial?… in nature. And, also, describing shoes. But I did honestly have fun doing it so…

For context: Shoes of Prey is having a contest where you design shoes and the winner gets 52 pairs of shoes. They have twelve default outfits (but you can also upload your own) and I kind of just went–wait, there are twelve Olympians. But, wait, some of them are male. And then I was like… but what if all of them were female.

So I… rearranged?… the gods about, replaced them with goddesses with similar role and ended up with twelve Olympian goddesses.

Under the cut is the swapping/descriptions I used of the goddesses (but not the descriptions of the shoes because… I’m not sure if posting it here would disqualify there):

(Um, also a little bit related, I came up with a kind of interesting idea for a Persephone/Hades influenced DoS fic so… maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow?)

Zeus –> Hera
Part One of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Hera, Queen of the Gods. Goddess of women, marriage, and family she is frequently symbolized with a crown and peacock.

Poseidon –> Amphritite
Part Two of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Amphitrite, Queen of the Oceans. She is often considered the personification of the sea itself, and creator of such marine mammals like seals and dolphins.

Part Three of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Demeter, Mother of Earth. Goddess of the harvest, agriculture, and civilization.

Part Four of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Athena, Protector of the City. Goddess of wisdom, justice, war strategy, and the arts–the patroness of inspiration and logic.

Apollo –> Eos
Part Five of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Eos, Bringer of Dawn. Goddess of the morning and rising sun, it is said she opens the gates of the sky to usher in each new day.

Part Six of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Artemis, Huntress of the Wild. Goddess of the hunt, archery, forests, and the moon; protector of young girls.

Ares –> Enyo
Part Seven of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Enyo, Terror of the Battlefield. This goddess of war enjoys flying into battle and striking fear into her enemies’ hearts. She thrives in times of strife.

Part Eight of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Aphrodite, The Fairest. Goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality; she appeared from the sea foam, fully formed and resplendent.

Hephaestus –> Hestia
Part Nine of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Hestia, Keeper of the Flames. Goddess of the hearth, domesticity, architecture, and community. She is the oldest of the gods, the first to receive sacrifice; her fire is the eternal flames that begin every Olympic Games.

Hermes –> Iris
Part Ten of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Iris, Messenger of the Gods. Personification of the rainbow, she connects the gods to humanity, and travels across sky, sea, land, and beyond–the wind beneath her wings and feet alike.

Dionysus –> Hebe
Part Eleven of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Hebe, Cupbearer of the Gods. Goddess of eternal youth, provider of ambrosia and nectar, daughter of Hera and Zeus. Her symbols are the wine cup, vine, eagle, and wings.

Hades –> Persephone
Part Twelve of The Goddesses of Olympus Series: Persephone, Queen of the Underworld. Goddess of vegetation, spring, and rebirth, daughter of Demeter. While her origins are sweet, she is darker than appears: as wife of Hades, she is in charge of punishing the souls of evildoers.

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