I came here because of the DoS forums, I stay because of all the stuff you write being really really good. Especially your Benlos Descendants stuff. I saw your thing about the descendants kids being pulled into naruto-verse and was wondering what would change/happen if they ended up in DoS instead, or if Shikako and various others went to Auradon.

Thanks, anon! 😀 I always wondered if my readers were cross-fandom readers, or if they just stuck to a single fandom, so it’s nice to know at least one person likes my writing in different fandoms.

This brainstorm correct?

Let’s see… I don’t think much would be difference if the Lost kids ended up in DoS instead of canon Naruto. The structure of the teams are much the same (with Team Seven being heavy hitters, whether it’s Shikako or Sakura) and so the dispersion of the Lost kids amongst genin teams would also be the same.

I guess the difference would be in how Shikako reacts. Because even if she doesn’t know Descendants, per se, she does definitely know the fairy tales that their parents are from. It gives her additional information that the other Konoha nin don’t have, a context for their background, though whether she can use that to her advantage depends on how the story goes.

I’d be hesitant to say that she’d be suspicious of them because of their parentage, but it does seem like something she’d do and it wouldn’t look all that different from everyone else being suspicious of them because of their mysterious appearance in Konoha. That being said, I do think she’d be interested in learning more about their world–especially when it comes to collaborating and creating new seals gadgets that are similar to the ones back home or even adapting Mal’s spellbook into jutsu. Even though the Lost kids were only off the island for one day (or not, depending on when you want to have them spirited away), they know enough about technology (via broken scraps from Auradon) that they wouldn’t be all that unfamiliar with real world equivalents.

And, I guess in a ruthless way, Shikako doesn’t have to worry about them dying or not in order to preserve the happy ending. Like, hypothetically, if Naruto and Sasuke die then she knows she’s failed because there’s no way anyone else can deal with Kaguya. But if any of the Lost kids die? Well, it’s not like they existed in the Naruto canon in the first place, so their absence doesn’t affect the plot.

Which may make her more likely to tell the Lost kids at least part of the truth about her origins… or at least, enough that they would know she is their best bet at… well… not going home necessarily (or maybe that, at first) but the closest thing to someone knowing who they are? To understanding where they come from and how, because of the trust given to them by Konoha and their respective teams, they’ve changed for the better. Someone to appreciate the fact that they’re not villains like their parents.

As for characters of DoS going to Auradon…

Most likely it’s via one of Shikako’s attempts to figure out Hiraishin. Which probably means that TenTen is also there. Which might mean that this is during a kunoichi study group meeting. Which would be absolutely amazing!

Okay because consider this: Shikako, TenTen, Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and possibly also Yakumo and Isaribi (though I don’t really know these two all that well) in Auradon where literally everyone except the Lost kids are super spoiled civilian royalty. If we go with Shikako as special jounin rank then she would be the highest ranked of the seven and thus automatic taichou. Also, the one in charge of getting them back home so… a lot of pressure for her.

In that line, I guess it’d depend on when during the Descendants movie the kunoichi appear and if we want to have them deal with that pesky language barrier or not. Because, that would be a pain to write.

Although I guess… hm… If it’s English then Shikako would still remember it from her old life and maybe the Yamanaka have some kind of ability that lets them skim knowledge? That way Ino can also understand English… I mean, the other five would still be stuck, but at least it’s not as bad as having only Shikako understand. Then again, that would be pretty terrible so maybe… I dunno… ~magic~ means that everyone can understand everyone. Maybe there’s a spell the Fairy Godmother can cast.

Anyway, firstly, you have the same problem as the Lost kids going to Konoha and that is: how do they appear and why does Auradon trust (or, at least, not imprison them) immediately? But it does depend on when in canon you want them to appear…

Hm… this may be just because I recently watched Hercules but… what if…

*thirty minutes of researching later*

Uh, okay, no never mind. I thought there were seven muses of Greek myth (Hercules only used five) but apparently there’s nine of them. I mean, I guess I could just use the five that Hercules used and not have Yakumo and Isaribi (since I don’t know them that much anyway…).

[In which case I’d have it be: 
Calliope – epic poetry, writing tablet – Shikako
Clio – history, scroll – TenTen
Thalia – comedy, comic mask/cup – Sakura
Terpsichore – dance, lyre – Hinata
Melpomene – tragedy, tragic mask/dagger – Ino
Though at first people think Hinata is Melpomene and Ino is Terpsichore. I don’t know why that seems important to me.]

Anyway, the point was that when the five/seven kunoichi appear the Auradon people take it as some kind of sign that Ben will be a good king/hero of legend etc in the same way Hercules was (I assume since Auradon is a mishmash of vaguely Europe and some other countries then Greece would be included?).

Uh… I guess there are also the Seven Princesses of Heart from Kingdom Hearts franchise which… is also technically Disney. And, I mean, I dunno. Maybe they actually represent something?

Anyway, so maaaybe. If you want them to appear during the canon Descendants movie, they should probably appear somehow when the Lost kids go into the museum. Maybe they knock something over or activate some artifact that has a delayed reaction and “releases”/summons the kunoichi from their universe to Auradon.

Like, one of them knocks into it and everyone is afraid that it’ll break, but someone else manages to catch it before it hits the floor. But they put it back in the wrong spot and this new spot gets sunlight and then when the sun rises, when the Lost kids are already back at the school with alibis, suddenly the kunoichi appear.

And the thing is–kunoichi lessons? Are all about infiltration and acting and information gathering. So even if it’s not a situation they ever expected doesn’t mean the others besides Shikako won’t be able to handle themselves reasonably well.

(Ha! I just realized, considering Shikako has the deer summons and Ino has the chameleons–if you consider Disney princesses very frequently have animal companions they’d blend right in. :P)

And I guess the plot proceeds however you’d want it to–the kunoichi work on getting back home, because unlike the original Lost kids go to Konoha idea, there’s a sense of urgency that they have to go back. That Auradon isn’t there home and can never be their home–maybe some select people *coughtheLostkidscough* learn new tricks before they go. There’s a coronation, Maleficent crashes the party, etc. etc.

I’m not all that sure if the kunoichi should change the movie canon plot all that much–I mean, maybe after the coronation, and if they’re still there, they do something but… I don’t see how the sudden appearance of seven girls who know how to be subtle would prevent Ben from getting crowned king etc etc.

Uh, but it was a pretty interesting thought exercise, so thank anon!

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