I love your series with baby Kareru, it’s so cute! Now I wonder what happens as he grows, like does he end up wearing Ino’s purple or Naruto’s orange? (lmao I bet he wears his pseudo-mom Shikako’s green) But seriously, everyone’s so enthusiastic and cute and I loved the part with Sakura channeling Tsunade and Shikako attempting to channel Kakashi! Thanks for writing all this!

You’re welcome 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy it–I was a little unsure on some parts, but I did want to finish up the story so I’m afraid I might have rushed it.

As for Kareru in the future… well. I’m not all that keen on continuing his story at the moment, but who knows? Maybe one day.

edit: Wrote a little bit of older Kareru Uzumaki in this ficlet here!

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