Hey Jack, I binge read your DoS fanfics and I find them great. Could you continue Down Every Road? and Tsunade coming to heal Hokage Shikako one? Thanks!

Hi anon, I’m happy that you enjoy my writing, so thanks!

My main priority for my DoS recursive fic is to finish off Quest for the Queen (aka, Naruto’s POV of Tsunade coming to heal Hokage Shikako) since that one I have fully outlined and it only has two more installments.

As for Down Every Road, I have a few–very vague–ideas about future installments, but I think having Shikako x Sasuke prompts would make it easier so I could hone in on something concrete. And they don’t even really need to be very specific prompts either? Actually, I’d prefer it if they weren’t too restrictive. Maybe something like “Shikako x Sasuke, Daimyo’s Court” or “Shikasuke, ships passing in the night” or… something.

Again, I’m glad you like my fic, anon. 🙂

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