Shikako Nara (from DoS) is reincarnated as twin sister of Lily Evans. She becomes a muggle-born Slytherin during the Marauder’s era. How would she manipulate the First Wizarding World? Maybe ship her with Regulus?

Oh anon, oh you darling cuttlefish of an anon… oh gosh, I hope you’re not the same anon that asked for Shikako as Sakumo’s genin teammate because I hate doing this to you twice, but–I have a conflict of interest with this prompt, too.

It’s technically a Katekyo Hitman Reborn x Harry Potter crossover, but I already have a “third Evans sibling” series called Growing Strong (Burning Bright). Although it’s more about Harry’s estranged uncle Branton trying to find/recruit his magical relatives as a defense against the growing wave of Flame users from KHR canon and then along the way getting entangled in the wizard war instead. Uh… it’d probably make more sense if you read it.

It’s only five installments long for now, and I know it’s not Marauders era, but I don’t think I can commit myself to a different “third Evans sibling” series. It does sound interesting, though, and if it’s something that you want to pursue for your own story I would be more than happy to help you brainstorm the idea. 

Thanks for the prompt, anon, but I don’t think I’ll be filling this one.

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