1: love Dreaming of Selfishness. 2: I think the council was also trying avoid the shit show which would’ve been the debate over which position Shikadai would’ve inherited. He can’t be the Clan Head if he’s living in Suna and he can’t be Kazekage if he’s leading a clan in Konoha. If Gaara doesn’t have a kid then Shikadai has to abdicate /something/. I’d bet they were ok with Temari marrying bc they assumed that Gaara would also marry soon but he didn’t and now they have the succession problem.

1) Thanks, byebyebriar! I’m glad you enjoyed. I was a little worried about it being too… I dunno… feelings vs politics, but then I was like. Nah, it’s literally titled Dreaming of S(elfishness), people know what they’re getting into. 😛

2) All of this totally makes sense. I just wonder how much of the reasoning changes with the existence of Shikako? Because technically she’d also be in line to become Nara Clan Head (even though she doesn’t want to) and even though Shikamaru didn’t have to abdicate in order to marry Temari (because the Nara elders learned their lesson the last time with Shikaku and Yoshino) Shikako’s children might still be in line for it. I mean if Shikako ended up having a kid that was purely Konoha stock and who didn’t have an alternate clan claim of their own then the elders might prefer that kid to be the next Clan Head over Shikadai. And the Suna council might think the same thing? Like, oh, since you also have a sister, then her children could be your heirs instead…

Then again, all of this is moot point because in the Dreaming of S(omething) series most everyone knows Shikako and Gaara have a relationship so… either couple would result in a half Nara half Sabaku child.

I just super enjoy how in the Gaara Hiden novel, straight up Kankurou passed the buck on getting married and having kids even though he’s older. That’s so in character for him? Nah, don’t feel like it, Gaara’s the Kazekage, make him do it.

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