jonin!shikako finds, sometime in the future, a baby uzumaki? helps naruto raise it? naruto sasuke and kakashi all have like no idea what to do but they try? and somehow the baby, as it grows, has like 13 parental figures, all of whom are konoha’s elite?

I… Hm… I don’t… But how…

Anon, this prompt was so bewildering that I literally had to stare at my computer screen for five minutes trying get my brain to restart. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this idea–it is somehow both hilarious and adorable–but my brain isn’t really suited to writing crack and at first that’s all I could think of? But now that I’ve given it some time, I think I know where I want to go with this…

I mean, it’ll still be pretty cracky. But, you know, delicately painted with some melodrama, because let’s be real–I do love me some melodrama.

edit: filled in series “You and Me and Baby (Makes Fifteen)”

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