Team Medic brainstorm (2016-05-02)

Okay so it’s way past when I should be asleep but I had this idea and I wanted to share, @kuipernebula.

So, basically it was Team Medic sort of all getting adopted by Tsunade. Like, Sakura primarily still, obviously as her new actual apprentice but the other two a little bit in asimilar way to Jiraiya giving Shikako fuinjutsu advice.

Because if Jiro’s specialty is genjutsu and healing then wouldn’t it make sense that he would be able to understand how Tsunade wakes up Shikako and Kakashi after watching her do it? And a lot of his lightning-specific ideas are awfully fascinating–there’s not much that surprises her in the medical field. So a lot of it is Tsunade going–why would you do that?–and at first Jiro is like… sorry, am I doing it wrong? I hope not… but eventually his confidence builds up and he’s like. No way, I know this will work, I can totally defend my thesis paper–and he goes on to make innovations in the field of medicine because he basically discovered the human nervous system? Or something?

With Youbirin I think it’d be hilarious if it were something like–okay, so, being the badass she is, she’s never really the first medic on a case, especially not at the hospital. She only gets referred a case if it’s something the Medic Corps can’t handle and they are actually really competent so it’s only the weird ones that get passed to her. And the first medic is always there to describe verbally what they did what the situation is, which is good because medics’ handwriting, as a whole, is absolutely awful. Like the thing about doctor’s having terrible handwriting? That basically applies.

Not Tsunade, though, because she is basically Konoha royalty and probably had calligraphy/handwriting lessons. Which is why she can barely read the scribbles of other medics’ notes. But Youbirin grew up in a clan comprised mostly of medics. He can read literally any kind of handwriting–he is the mythical pharmacist equivalent of this world. So she has him become basically like a mini Shizune back up just so she doesn’t have to deal with all of the shitty handwriting the and at first it seems like it’s just paperwork, but in actuality he’s learning an awful lot especially when it comes to being a diagnostician.

Like Sakura gets everything she does in canon (except sooner) but I kinda like the idea of Team Medic and Tsunade being like House the TV series except Tsunade is far more badass and well-adjusted than House is. With Shizune being a little bit the role of Wilson but more like Foreman after House has gotten a new batch of baby doctors.

I also had some feels about Team Medic sharing an apartment together and being sleep-deprived, barely functioning adults but nothing really concrete so…

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