So while I was procrastinating I did some quick recolors; if a redesign of the hoodie is necessary, I can do that, but I figured I’d start with these.

These are great! I am most fond of bottom left but bottom right is also very good. I’m a bit wary of the top two mostly because of the similarities to Mitsuki might be too prevalent, but the bottom ones are different enough that they’re safe.

Okay but… here are some online dollmaker “photos” of each member of Team Medic as genin and as chuunin. 

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Wow, that first hairstyle for Jiro is remarkably close! Although I’m disappointed there wasn’t a bandanna option for Youbirin.

Not sure how much I like that haircut for Chuunin!Jiro, though. I don’t mind him getting a haircut, but I don’t think an undercut’s really the look for him. Maybe something like… 

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Ooh! Yes… your chuunin!Jiro haircut is much better than mine! I’d be hesitant to do the across the nose scar (since it’s very reminiscent of Iruka-sensei… unless that’s what you wanted?). I also kind of…

Do you think Jiro’s new jacket is reminiscent of Masumi-sensei’s? As a sort of homage–also still in line with loyalty to people not a place… 

I don’t really know what we want for Masumi-sensei, but maybe something like this?

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The thing with the Jacket might work. And I agree with Masumi’s bun, but I pictured her with black hair and glasses. The glasses are absolutely necessary because she needs to the scary maniacal glasses-light-flare-thing. Because she can’t be a mad scientist-type without that.

And I hadn’t really intended him to be Iruka-esque, I was just trying to find alternate placements for the scar and that one wasn’t intrusive. And one over the eye would have been too Kakashi, and over the cheek would almost conflict with the scruff I was giving him. Maybe instead of being across the bridge of his nose it’s diagonal across the middle of his face? Like he dodged backwards instead of to the side kind of scar.

Diagonal across the face works well, I think. Because it invokes a far more desperate situation than an across the nose? Like he didn’t have the ability to do more than a basic healing on himself before going back into the fray–or it was such a chaotic battle that he couldn’t concentrate enough to make it a neat heal. I like the idea that of the three Jiro is the least traditional healer–like, yes he’s still a medic, of course, that’s what he’s trained for, but his genius in the medical field is because he’s such a non-traditional healer. His defibrillator hands? No one would think to electrocute their own patient–who does that?

So while he does pick up the healing jutsu quickly (not as quickly as Sakura, of course) he would rather figure out how to alter it than to complete perfect the original… maybe?

To be entirely fair to Jiro, the idea to electrocute the patient is largely based on the well-known fact that electricity can effect muscle movement, either stimulating it or preventing it. So the logical jump to using it to jump-start the heart is still a jump but not terrible. Or at least, not that terrible.

Later on, his medical focus turns towards the brain, because it’s electrical sparks across billions of neurons in the head. Or, also possible, he finds other ways and methods to do things, like his defibrillator hands. In fact, electrcity can be used for short-term alleviation of pain. Also, I feel like he has to eventually come up with a pacemaker seal. He’s not a sealmaster but having a seal made to help people’s hearts beating with electricity sounds like something he’d do.

Add in some other elements, and you can have Wind to aid breathing, Water to disinfect wounds and distribute medicine… Actually those two are probably the best things, so one or both can finish up his elemental affinities.

Actually, giving him sealing could actually help set his medical practice from Sakura and Youbirin. While his battle style is still heavy lightning, having medical seals – like the pacemaker seal and maybe a similar one for anemic patients using water or earth – could really differentiate him. But that’s just a thought…

Also, now that I have a tiny bit of time:

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Chuunin!Jiro and Masumi-sensei look great! 😀

I wonder if, since seals don’t start off as his specialty, maybe he goes to Shikako (or TenTen if you don’t want to intrude too much into DoS) in order to help him–as a joint project. I just really like the idea of a secondary character in one story is the main character of another story (and vice versa).

Or, conversely, if you want to save seals for Youbirin–since it goes well with summoning–then you could probably have Jiro specialize in genjutsu. Because if he doesn’t figure out some way to basically make himself immune to genjutsu by having some kind of counter current in his own brain then… well. Maybe not pre-Shippuden, but as an eventually everything goes to shit and it’s mostly the Uchiha’s fault? That’d be a pretty good Chekhov’s gun. And since all sensations are your brain interpreting information from your nervous system that does go well with his Lightning-medical jutsu.

(I think another reason why he is such a unique force in Konoha medicine is that Lightning nature is horrifically rare as a elemental nature within Fire Country. Like it could be the only ones who do have it beside Jiro were the Hatake clan who were a) a tiny ass clan even before Kakashi became the last one and b) highly offensive battle shinobi. So all the Lightning related medical advances? It’s unique to Jiro. Most medics never find out what their elemental nature is–it’s simply not necessary since they’re usually not on the field–and the few that do usually have water or fire or earth (Wind is very rare, apparently).

… He’s probably my fave, too…

Also, sealing is something that takes a long time to become good at. Whereas genjutsu is something that–once understood–can easily built up. It does mesh better with the timeline of “getting stronger” for both of the boys if Youbirin is the one to get sealing…

That does make sense! In that case, the pacemaker seal could be a joint project between Youbirin and Jiro; Jiro understands how to use electricity to move the heart, and Youbirin, with the help of Tenten, Takama, and Shikako, has some knowledge of seals, and has a specialty in medical seals.

Hmm… In addition to the genjutsu immunity, he could also use genjutsu for psychology? Like, using it to understand the mind, how it works, and ways to help people who have some form of mental illness. It dovetails well into his neuro-science, and uses the genjutsu angle pretty well. This probably means he also has several genjutsu based directly on psychological ideas. Probably not entirely real-world accurate ones because I’m not a psychology major, but some basic things like Id, Superego, Ego, Shadow, Persona, Anima/Animus, etc.

It also balances Team Medic quite well since they’re all arguably ninjutsu specialists (if, for obvious reasons, medical ninjutsu) and then Sakura gets taijutsu, Jiro genjutsu, and Youbirin fuinjutsu. The only other things I can think of is senjutsu (sage/natural chakra), kenjutsu (sword), and shurikenjutsu (thrown weaponry) and while the former might work, the latter two are very against the Hippocratic Oath–not that battle medics follow the Hippocratic Oath, but they probably have something vaguely similar? Like a don’t learn something that is purely offensive? Taijutsu is defending oneself, Genjutsu easily avoids confrontations, and Fuinjutsu has many uses.

Is that how the boys discover Inner Sakura? 😀 Yeaaaaaaaaah?!?!?! 

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