So while I was procrastinating I did some quick recolors; if a redesign of the hoodie is necessary, I can do that, but I figured I’d start with these.

These are great! I am most fond of bottom left but bottom right is also very good. I’m a bit wary of the top two mostly because of the similarities to Mitsuki might be too prevalent, but the bottom ones are different enough that they’re safe.

Okay but… here are some online dollmaker “photos” of each member of Team Medic as genin and as chuunin. 

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Wow, that first hairstyle for Jiro is remarkably close! Although I’m disappointed there wasn’t a bandanna option for Youbirin.

Not sure how much I like that haircut for Chuunin!Jiro, though. I don’t mind him getting a haircut, but I don’t think an undercut’s really the look for him. Maybe something like… 

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Ooh! Yes… your chuunin!Jiro haircut is much better than mine! I’d be hesitant to do the across the nose scar (since it’s very reminiscent of Iruka-sensei… unless that’s what you wanted?). I also kind of…

Do you think Jiro’s new jacket is reminiscent of Masumi-sensei’s? As a sort of homage–also still in line with loyalty to people not a place… 

I don’t really know what we want for Masumi-sensei, but maybe something like this?

So vaguely boring light brown hair and brown eyes because, in theory, if she were canon, we wouldn’t want her to be distinctive looking. I figure, she’s the kind of person who would rather just tie up all of her hair than go to get a hair cut every couple of months but whatever isn’t in the bun kind of spills over her face and she can’t be bothered to deal with it. 

As for her jacket it’s the same as Jiro’s but the white makes it lab-coat-ish to go with whole “she’s been primarily a researcher for a while” and the green to mimic the chuunin flak jacket.

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