So while I was procrastinating I did some quick recolors; if a redesign of the hoodie is necessary, I can do that, but I figured I’d start with these.

These are great! I am most fond of bottom left but bottom right is also very good. I’m a bit wary of the top two mostly because of the similarities to Mitsuki might be too prevalent, but the bottom ones are different enough that they’re safe.

Okay but… here are some online dollmaker “photos” of each member of Team Medic as genin and as chuunin. 

Sakura (basically canon)


Youbirin – the Naruto face triple stripes were closer to the Nohara block than the Inuzuka downward stripes


More bandages! Also, he’s happier!

Jiro – there’s no wire mesh… uh… yeah his was the hardest.


Unsure what the wardrobe change for Jiro should be, but I like the idea that he also gets a haircut… and a scar 🙂

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