Adventures of Jack and Ness (2016-03-14)

Jack is in the middle of agreeing with Ness when he turns to look at her and immediately notices, “What are you doing with your eyebrows?”

Ness, whose eyebrows could not be raised higher to her hairline unless she shaved and drew them as such, tries to physically push them down with her hand. It doesn’t work, “Nothing. My eyebrows aren’t doing anything,” she denies, unbelievably.

“And… why are you smiling so much?” Jack continues with all the suspicion that is his due for being best friends with Ness Desmond since childhood.

“I am not–how dare you!” she says, faking offense through her smile.

“You did something,” Jack accuses trying to rewind their conversation back but if he’s going to be honest he wasn’t really listening. What did he almost agree to?

“It’s not what I did,” Ness says, no longer trying to hide the way her face has stretched open and pleased, “It’s what you’re going to do.”

In his defense, the last time Jack spoke to anyone that wasn’t Ness or his coworkers and students in an entirely professional capacity, it was his parents disowning him for being gay.


It shouldn’t be surprising that he’s conflicted about being set up on a date with another man by his best friend.

The first part alone twists something inside him, that part that has always been torn between wanting to be a good son and wanting to be happy. The part that has, for the past several years, been entirely smothered over the lack of either.

The second part? Well. He loves Ness, of course he does. And he trusts her with his life. Probably.

But his love life?


There’s a reason he avoids high school reunions like the plague and it’s not because of the terrible food and music.

“God damnit,” Jack mutters to himself when he walks into the restaurant and spots the only other man with the agreed upon yellow rose matching Jack’s. “God damnit, Ness, he’s hot,” he mutters again, even though there’s no way she’d be able to hear him.

Maybe the guy has a crappy personality.

Then he looks up and smiles at Jack, making something in his chest wobble. Maybe it’s some sort of late onset asthma.

Ness would never set Jack up with an asshole.

“God damnit,” Jack says for the third time before going over and taking the empty seat at the table.

Or maybe it’s some kind of hope.


A/N: really quick thing bashed out because work and also all i’ve eaten today is cereal and girl scout cookies so aaaaaaaaaaah.

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