hiya. do you think you could write a kakashi pov from the day he met shikako, the bell test, the wave mission, the first chunin exams, sasuke kidnapping arc, gelel aftermath, the second chunin exams, when shikako makes special jounin, and the most recent mission aftermath? kakashi has always been my favorite character and i think you+silver queen pin his character the best. you could even just do tiny snippets and my kakashi heart will be satisfied.

Hi anon, thanks for the prompt! I, too, am very fond of Kakashi although–to be honest–I feel like his “voice” always eludes me. I can sometimes get his actions/reactions/dialogue down, but his the thought processes behind those are always… ? WHAT? …

I will do my best on this prompt although, due to how close to DoS “canon” it is, it may take me a while. I wouldn’t want to contradict anything Silver Queen has written.

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