Cross Post: Trailblazers, Bright and Bold, Daily Life / Before Kokuyo Arc drabbles (2016-01-18) [1]

original here. dated 2013-12-10

[[A/N: As previously stated in this post, this is one in a series of Trailblazers cross posts to make up for my abysmal showing for the past few days.

Trailblazers, Bright and Bold, with it’s slightly different title, is sort of the prototype for the Trailblazers I’ve been writing on this tumblr. So not everything in these cross posts would make the final cut of the hypothetical complete Trailblazers fic.

Anyway, enjoy!]]


When she goes to the convenience store that Wednesday evening, like she does every other Wednesday evening, Kusakabe-senpai is already there waiting patiently.

It’s not like he has to wait for her to patrol, she doesn’t help much. For all that he says Wednesday nights are the Committee’s busiest except for weekends, usually these evenings are just the two of them strolling around Namimori sharing snacks.

They talk, sometimes, he makes her smile and she likes to think she does the same for him. Not that they’re dates! Of course not, they’re just friends–barely acquaintances, really.

Considering his best friend is Hibari-senpai, and she can’t imagine Hibari-senpai idly chatting as he hunts for troublesome herbivores in his territory, he probably just enjoys the change of pace. He’s just being kind, that’s all.

“Are your parents fighting again?”

He’s just letting her tag along because he think she has nowhere else to go. Or he thinks it’s better to keep a potential miscreant in his line of sight to prevent troublemaking. She’s pretty sure Ryohei’s on a list for known disturbers of the peace and her as well for being his aider and abetter.

“No… I think they’re both in Europe now, actually.”

“You think?”

“Well, I mean. I know my mother’s still in Berlin for a conference, but my father might be in either London or New York. He doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long.”


She’s flushed. How embarrassing, just throwing out unnecessary information like that.


Those are her favorite, Kusakabe-senpai is so nice.

“Yes, please.”

The taiyaki shop along their route is supposed to close soon, but they’ve come so often that the owner tends to stay open just a little bit longer when he sees them coming by.

“Hibari-senpai knows? Oh my god, that means Kusakabe-senpai definitely knows!”

“Oi! You don’t know that!”

“Are you kidding me? Hibari-san has the social awareness of a hedgehog. No offense to hedgehogs.”

“That is extremely true!”

“How embarrassing, Kusakabe-senpai has probably just been pitying me this entire time.”

“You are overreacting to the extreme! Maybe he extremely likes you back!”

“Don’t shout it to the world, Ryohei!”


[[A/N: These two are separate drabbles–one of them is just ambiguous Daily Life and the other is specifically meant to be right before the Kokuyo arc. But seeing as how the second one was very short and just dialogue, and both were similar in their content I decided to cross post them together.

For some reason, as I was developing Trailblazers, I was struck with the unshakeable idea that Tetsuki would be in love with Kusakabe, and though it would be revealed to have been mutual neither of them would have ever made a move until it was too late (given Tetsuki’s penchant for dying before 25). As it is, given all the weird mafia bullshit that is happening to her, she ends up making the first move when the group comes back from the crazy TYL!arc.]]

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