Outliving The Ruins, 5/? (2015-12-24)

According to Auradon, the Isle of the Lost is a cesspool of villainy, bending, and other forms of degenerate behavior.

Well, they’re not exactly wrong.

“Alright, alright, you miscreants and criminals, villains and minions, benders of all elements! Grab a seat or steal it from someone else, because this tournament is about to begin!”

To Auradon, the Isle’s version of tournaments would be a prime example of their despicable ways. But to the islanders?

The bending tournaments are fun–harmless, collaborative, and light-hearted fun. They don’t even gamble on the outcomes. It’s practically heroic.

Of course, the bending tournaments are a secret from their parents. The kids gather outside of the main town, along the rocky shore of a small bay protected by tall imposing cliffs.

Before the tournament, one of the earth benders–usually Anthony Tremaine, accustomed to literally clearing the path for his many sisters and cousins–creates a tunnel for those in the know. The participants and spectators trickle in small groups then the tunnel is sealed back up.

And then the fun begins.

The first couple of events are usually straightforward bending battles, one on one, or two on two, for the foolish few who think they can take on the Jemma and Uri duo.

Querida and Evie, as the only two blood benders, will occasionally show off–who can draw in the larger sea creature. The Tremaines do their own showing off, more aesthetic than power, but still entertaining to watch, while Jay’s combination of earth bending and parkour is equally mesmerizing.

Given Mal’s unique situation, her participation in tournaments allows for interesting match ups. Being capable of bending multiple elements, she has a flexibility that the other benders don’t have. A slightly modified battle, three on one with altered rules, or inserting herself into any of the others’ shows, or even a unique twist combining all three of her mastered elements.

The tournaments are fun: a way for their generation of benders to enjoy their gifts in a pure, unburdened way. A way to spite Auradon without the pressure of their parents’ schemes pushing down on them. Nothing but youth and joy and bending.

Until Carlos goes beyond the barrier.


A/N: Small drabble, slightly late, but given the holidays… not bad?

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