Outliving The Ruins, 3 (part one)/? (2015-12-03)

Power comes in many forms–physical strength, political influence, wealth–but none are so obviously powerful as bending. Bending elements turns an individual into a force of nature, turns a person into a god.

Or a monster.

There has never been a dwarf bender.

Dwarves, fairies, and humans all look alike; in a strict scientific sense, they are even all part of the same species. But there is a difference between the races. Each one is a distinct subspecies, and although it’s not the technical cause for separation, Doug is pretty sure it has to do with bending.

Fairies are always benders–or they were, there aren’t many fairies anymore. At least not in Auradon–but before, before bending had become such a stigma, the fairies were seen as conduits for the world. Magical, and from that wise and powerful.

And then Maleficent happened.

With benders turned into pariahs and fairies so few in number, now is when dwarves can succeed. Wealth and ingenuity replacing mystical abilities–and dwarves can insinuate themselves into politics where fairies once held power.

Well, that’s what the elders say.

Doug just wants to play music.


A/N:… I was planning on doing a Lonnie section and an Audrey section but I guess I’ll do that next time?

Also, Doug’s section was weirdly impersonal. Like… I had no idea there were going to be political machinations in this series, especially not from the dwarves, but I guess there is…

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