Aiko in Canon (the Revenge of Uzushio remix) (2015-11-25)

A/N1: No doubt this will be jossed when @electraposts puts up Part 13 of the Aiko in Canon tumblr-only spin-off of her Deja Vu and Dreams series. But I couldn’t help myself…

Anyway, this is heavily based off the recent Part 12, so read that first.


Over thirty years ago, Kirigakure utterly destroyed Uzushiogakure.

It was a pre-emptive strike to ensure Kiri’s survival. Uzushio was a small country and yet, in comparison to Mizu, had greater prosperity, longevity, and skills. An entire clan of fuinjutsu experts was a dangerous thing, a weapon only sheathed at the whims of people known for being led by their emotions.

It was nothing personal, it had to be done.

There are very few shinobi in Mizu who actually remember the Fall of Uzushio, fewer still who actually took part–the lifespan of a Kiri-nin is short and, unlike Konoha, fifty years is a near impossible achievement. And yet, when an Uzumaki rains destruction on their village, the forces of Kiri are not surprised. Actually, they’re rather… blasé about the whole two bijuu unleashed upon the village thing.

They know a lot about holding grudges, more so about enacting revenge–the types of missions given to Kiri are far more bloodthirsty than their continental counterparts. Uzumaki is only doing what an avenger is expected to do, and quite thoroughly at that. Really, the only question is why it took her so long.

Utakata knew that no one could really be that dumb. But it still stings that he fell for it anyway.

For all that he’s a missing-nin of Kiri, he was still once a Kiri-nin. He learned of their history as much as any other shinobi. He had already figured out that Aiko was an Uzumaki who time-travelled, dropped decades after the complete slaughter of her people, he has experienced her cunning schemes first-hand, and she had allowed him to see her vulnerability over her lost comrades.

He should have known that something like this was brewing.

But instead he was blinded–by his own jealousy, perhaps, or his dislike of the Yondaime Mizukage, or his desperation not to be left alone again–and went along with what he thought was her hare-brained plot to instigate a regime change by bringing an assassin directly to the center of Kirigakure.

One rogue shinobi and two missing-nin, one of them a jinchuuriki, directly confronting the Mizukage who himself is a jinchuuriki? Of course there would be mass chaos and destruction.

Now Aiko has the Sanbi, she’s clearly asserted her dominance over Kiri’s strongest shinobi even without the bijuu’s aid–everything about this absolute clusterfuck of a venture seems to have worked out pretty well for her.

And perhaps that was her plan from the start.

No one could really be that dumb, Utakata thinks, but even after all Aiko has put him through, he will still stand by her.

The Godaime Mizukage is not a Kiri-nin, something which is explicitly stated from the very beginning. She is an Uzumaki, a rogue shinobi with no heritage but that of a fallen land.

She stands upright before the bodies of the dead, no doubt vindicated with having avenged her clan. And yet, she is not without mercy. Impossibly, miraculously, she revives the corpses; they are restored as if death had never touched them.

It’s a stroke of brilliance, Mei thinks, anger controlled but simmering. History is written by the winners and there is only one obvious winner in this situation. It doesn’t matter if Uzumaki is the reason why they died in the first place, there is no faster way to earn someone’s loyalty than literally being their source of life.


A/N2: I’ve always kind of wondered about Uzushiogakure (and their fall) and figure that as their closest neighbors/the likely cause of their destruction, Kirigakure would have a very strange perspective on a time-traveling Uzumaki becoming their leader via destroying a large majority of their village.

Also, electraposts, if you would like me to make changes or take this down, I totally understand and would be willing to do so. Just let me know.

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