Untitled drabble (2015-11-03)

Iris notices her rival is playing with her off hand before they ever actually speaking to each other. Besides the polite “thank you for the game,” of course. Her rival, one Regina Monarch, is left handed–normally moving her pieces around with the left, and fiddling with her opponent’s captured pieces with her right.

But today, Regina is placing her pieces with her right hand, her left arm hanging motionless at her side.

And Iris notices.

Of course, Iris doesn’t bother to think about what this might mean because she’s a little busy focusing on playing her top game against her rival in the final match of the state championship. But, that’s what R is for.

“Thanks,” R says dryly, a few hours after the tournament has concluded. The tournament which Iris won.

“I know, I was there. Watching, cheering you on, being a supportive sister,” R says with a roll of her eyes, “You’re getting off topic. We were talking about Regina.”

Yes, Iris’ rival.

“I think she hurt her left arm,” R says, before her mouth twists into a grim frown, “Actually,” she corrects, “I think someone else hurt her left arm.”


A/N: Tiny drabble, went in a different direction than i thought it would…

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