Fake Fic Summaries 9/?, the Community x The Martian crossover edition (2015-11-02)

A/N1: Just watched The Martian, it wasn’t in any way groundbreaking or innovative but it was still very enjoyable. Also, I love Donald Glover and he was fantastic in this movie.

I don’t think I have the chops to pull off a fic like this, hence fake summary and tiny drabble only. Anyway, let’s roll.


The Gravitational Pull of Triple Star Systems (title subject to change)

After two assassination attempts, FBI Agent Annie Edison is given authorization to do whatever it takes to keep NASA astrodynamicist Rich Purnell alive. So she takes him home.

Home being, of course, Hawthorne Manor. 

Well, I saw Rich Purnell in The Martian and immediately thought–that is Troy’s body with Abed’s personality and Annie’s determination/intelligence. Then I had weird OT3 feels and had to reread some Community fic. 

And here we are. 

This is after Season 6, obviously, in which even though the trio went to pursue their different dreams, they can still make a home together. Given that basically everything has been left to Troy (although I forget if that specifically included the manor or not) so long as he finished the around the world boating journey, I figured it would give Troy a sort of wanderlust. And, also, LeVar Burton is cool so maybe Troy simultaneously invested in a new educational show for him, like different cultures around the world for kids. It became wildly successful and, as producer, Troy gets to join the crew as well.

I have a lot of little head-canons like this for the three of them that I would like to fit in.

Like how Abed’s first big hit was actually a documentary of LeVar and Troy’s around the world trip with claymation for the parts that weren’t filmed/photographed. It’s widely heralded as one of the most educational family films of the twenty first century. Which, okay, is very specific but as an independent filmmaker that is very impressive. More recently he wants to or has been authorized to work on The Martian documentary (the Ares IV or V having brought back all of Mark Watney’s log footage and taking pictures of the Hab).

I also have a weird desire to have Annie’s skyrocketing success in the FBI be due to all the weird shit that she learned/put up with at Greendale. Like she just finds all the training to be kind of boring in comparison to paintball wars, and all those weirdly specific classes mean that she has a completely different knowledge set than her peers. A successfully different knowledge set at that. Also, let’s be honest, she probably went to visit Shirley at one point and got involved with the weird supernatural crime drama that is The Butcher and The Baker (like a special two-part episode). The FBI greatly appreciates agents who can thrive when everything becomes incomprehensible.

Anyway, so the three of them aren’t really at the manor all that often, because their jobs require them to be elsewhere but they try their best. When the events of the summary occur, Annie figures the safest place is a well-fortified manor in a tiny city no one has really heard of, Abed is in between projects (or maybe he does the majority of his editing in the Hawthorne manor, a la Christopher Walken’s role as the director in America’s Sweethearts ), and Troy just got back from another episode of LeVar’s show. Finally, Rich has found people as lovely and ridiculous as him.

Not necessarily saying that my OT3 has expanded into a crossover OT4, buuuut… here’s an unfinished drabble:

Troy’s brain is still set to a different time zone, but he does his best to join them for breakfast whenever possible. Shuffling into the dining room, Troy greets them.

“Good morning, Abed,” he mumbles, brushing a sleepy kiss to Abed’s cheek, “good morning, Annie,” he continues, doing the same for her.

“Good morning, Troy,” he finishes, smacking a third kiss onto Rich’s bewildered face, before wobbling his way towards the coffee pot.

It takes almost a full minute, Annie and Abed exchanging silent glances, Rich shocked into stillness, but after a few sips of coffee the lightbulb turns on. 

“Good morning… alternate timeline Troy?” Troy tries again, “You’re not the evil one, are you?”

“Troy!” Annie scolds, patting a greatly confused Rich’s arm soothingly. It helps a little until she says, “I would never let our evil selves into Hawthorne Manor." 

"Also, his facial hair isn’t a goatee,” Abed adds, “It’s just a regular beard. And it’s his hair, not felt.”

From the expression on Rich’s face, the direction of the conversation is really not helping out his confusion. Even though, normally, he does get confused by people this really isn’t the same thing.

“Rich also still has his vocal cords intact,” Annie says, before looking significantly at him.

It takes him a few moments to realize she wants him to speak, because he stammers when he says, “Uh. Hi, I’m Rich. I work for NASA.”

“That’s cool,” Troy responds, earnestly, because it really is. It’s like Inspector Spacetime but real. And without the time travel. So maybe it’s just outer space, like Star Trek. Except not in the future. “I’m Troy. I don’t really work anywhere.”

“More like, he works everywhere,” Annie corrects with a proud smile.


A/N2: Aaaand that’s all I got for now… I highly recommend both The Martian and Community if you haven’t watched either. 

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