Dreaming of S(ilence), a DoS remix drabble (2015-10-24)

It’s a week of tension and hesitance. A week of no senjutsu. A week of no nighttime sessions of calm and quiet and dark. The strange thing about fighting with Gaara–arguing, more like, given the lack of action. Though, given the lack of words, does arguing work either?–is the absence.

Shikako has never considered their relationship–whatever it might be–as something loud, something full and bursting with energy. It’s not butterflies in her belly or fire in her blood; not screaming and laughing and crying, noise and desperation and passion.

It’s trust and peace and contentment. It’s the feel of fingers gently running through her unbound hair, a line of warmth along her side matching shoulder to shoulder and knee to knee. It’s sharing breaths and sharing space and thinking, yes I like you here you can stay, because she never had to say it. (And maybe it’s just a little bit butterflies in her belly, too).

So yes, their relationship is more silence than not. But there are different kinds of silence and she hates whatever type this one is, this suffocating silence that’s been pressing down on her the past week.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Kankurou mutters in disbelief when Shikako utterly fails to even retaliate during their spar. All she’s been doing is dodging which–okay, agility practice for Karasu was helpful the first few days, but by day nine it gets pretty boring–isn’t how he wants to spend the rest of their time. “You’re not even trying anymore!” He complains.

Her expression twists–somehow both indignant and apologetic at once–before she sighs, lungs and frustration deflating, leaving her looking kind of… wilted.

Kankurou gives a sigh of his own–exasperated, because this is ridiculous–before saying, “This has gone on for way too long, Sparky. Normally I want nothing to with whatever is between the two of you but something is obviously wrong.”

Rather than take the invitation, Shikako looks away, but Kankurou really can’t take it anymore. His sparring partner may as well be as lifeless as the puppet he wields.

“I can’t believe I have to be the one to tell a Leaf nin to talk about their feelings, but come on. If you don’t talk to me, then talk to someone. It doesn’t have to be Gaara, but I don’t know why you’d go to Ebizo-jiisama for advice on your love life.”

Shikako snorts, before smacking a hand over her face to ineffectively muffle the laughter that follows.

Kankurou smirks with success.

Shikako goes to Gaara’s office, sits on the very comfortable couch, and waits. She waits for a very long time. He knows she’s there, obviously, his pale green gaze glancing at her between the meetings Jinzo schedules for him, but he doesn’t acknowledge her otherwise.

Then again, he also doesn’t make her leave even when Councilor Odo bristles at her presence and demands he do so. Instead, Gaara stares blankly until the councilor remembers just who he’s addressing and stammers apologies. Oddly enough, Jinzo–who hates Odo only slightly less than the Hyuuga who shredded his chakra coils–is the one who comes to the rescue and redirects the conversation.

Anyway, he knows she’s waiting for him, but of course their relationship isn’t more important than the livelihood of his village, and so he continues with his duties as Kazekage. It’s fine. She has a notebook to keep her occupied, and when Jinzo brings refreshments for Gaara, he sets a second tray in front of her as well.

The hours march on in a different sort of silence–for all that he spends them talking to a multitude of people–until finally the meetings peter out and even Jinzo goes home for the night. It’s likely there will be an incident of some sort that requires the Kazekage, but until then, Gaara’s attention is hers.


A/N: So, okay, this was inspired by @byebyebriar’s prompt but it doesn’t actually fill it because the first part was supposed to lead in one direction but went in another so I guess this drabble is just a bonus… or more like the set up to the prompt. I WILL fill that prompt, byebyebriar, because it is a great one and I can picture what I want to do with it so perfectly, but until then I hope you enjoy this.

Also, Jinzo the Suna paperwork nin (and Councilor Odo?) is from witchbreaker’s fic, the aptly titled Paper Work.

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