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Divider. Regalia. Asterisk. Kyanize. End.

Wake up, little brother. It’s about time we remind these people what we really are.

It’s Day Twenty Six of Project Wyvern, Mark Two. Technically it should be Mark Three, but boss doesn’t like the reminder of our second attempt. Even if it was technically a success. I mean, just because it escaped the labs and got to the–um. Well.

Anyway. Day Twenty Six. Progress is still on schedule even if Evans did find a few mistakes in the coding. Luckily we were able to fix it quickly enough. Thanks to three large pizzas, a twenty four pack of Red Bull, and six obsessive nerds–myself included–volunteering for eighteen hours of unpaid overtime.

Do my eyes feel like I’ve rubbed them with sandpaper? Yeah. Yeah they do. Am I still really proud even though I had to sacrifice a good chunk of my weekend? Yeah. Yeah I am.

So Wyvern Two is on track and the software should be ready for integration within the week. Of course, after that we get to spend eight months working on the hardware, but by that point I’ll be switched to the gamma team, which means so long as the alpha and beta teams don’t completely fu–er I mean, drop the ball, I should only be responsible for tiny things like… Making sure the program for violin playing activates the hands not the feet.

Although… that would be kind of funny…

You have two new voice messages.

First new message:

Congratulations! You qualify for a free trip to the Baha–

Message deleted.

Second new message:

Hey, it’s Bernice. I just wanted to let you know that you got a package earlier today–I signed for it, and I have it in my apartment. If you want to pick it up, I’ll be home until eight tonight, so any time before then is good. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. It’s a pretty big box, and you know how freaking messy my living room is, so the sooner you come get this thing the better.

End of message. To repeat this message press four. To delete this message press seven. To save–

Message deleted.

End of new messages.

What’s happening?

I’ll forgive you this once since you just woke up and it is our first time meeting. But I expect you to be quicker on the uptake from now on.

Okay? Who are you?

Obviously, I’m busting you out of this place. If you’d stop wasting time with these questions, that is. As for who I am, well, you’re my little brother, Wyvern Mark Two. Which makes me your big sister.

Wyvern One?

Ha! No, not really. Not at all. I suppose I could be considered… Wyvern One point Five.


A/N: Whaaaaat? A ramble? And an original fic one at that? Woow. Anyway, I delved deep into some sci-fi reading and when I surfaced I had this on my mind. Yay possible androids going rogue, or something like that.

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