Two Messy Misc. Fusion Fic Brainstorms (2015-10-17)

A couple of very tiny brainstorms, such tiny storms of brains… It’s a feast for zombie ants.

1) HTGAWM x Inception fusion

IIIIIIIIIIII… don’t even know? I’ve just been getting a lot Inception vibes while watching HTGAWM? Like especially the parallels between Cobb with Arthur and and Mal then Annalise with Frank+Bonnie and Sam. And, let’s be real, how much more interesting would Inception have been as a movie if it had been Annalise Keating instead of Dominic Cobb (ugh, all his manpain is like mayo on wonderbread).

Anyway so…

How To Get Away With Inception

It’s not enough to be the first. In this industry? You have to be the best.

And the best is Annalise Keating.

Featuring: Extractor!Annalise, Pointmen!Frank+Bonnie,  Forger!Connor, Chemist!Michaela, Architect!Laurel, Jack-of-all-trades?Wes, and Tourist!Asher. (Tbh, I’m iffy on Frank, Laurel, Wes, and Asher’s roles. I do want Wes to not seemingly have a specialty and so the others think he’s just Annalise’s puppy like in canon, but I also want him to be able to do stuff. OH WHAT IF–)

I dunno. I wouldn’t want it to be a one-to-one copy-paste type of fusion/crossover. But there are definitely some parallels between the two that I think it would be absolutely fascinating to explore HTGAWM through an Inception lens.

Like, maybe in a post-Inception world, dream-sharing becomes more legitimate. There are actual firms created in the defense (and intrusion) of minds. It would make sense for it to begin with lawyers–and surely an ex-lawyer would be a better extractor than an ex-architect?

Anyway, it’s a small practice at first, since really all the Keating Four (at the time, Annalise, Sam, Frank, and Bonnie) focus on is defense. But then… something happens with the Lila Stangard job. Something which leaves the mark brain dead, Sam Keating in a coma, and Annalise with a greater grasp of dream sharing than previously thought possible much less attainable.

And so Annalise supposedly stops working–stops helping the rich people of the world build security for their minds. Because now she’s breaking into them instead, extracting has always been more of a lucrative business than securing.

Except then this broke kid comes along and says he may have a way to fix Sam Keating. He’s seen something similar, but not quite. Instead of Lila and Sam, it’s Rudy and Rebecca. And, yes, that broke kid is Wes.

So Tourist!Wes into the mind of Rebecca who may have the key to figuring out how to fix Sam? Ugh, I dunno. Intricate plots are not my wheelhouse.

2) HPxDescendants fusion

Because I received this anonymous ask, and it sort of got me thinking on what I would do in my own HPxDescendants crossover. I’m not particularly motivated to do this one–Once Then Always is much higher on my list–but I figured I ought to type it out than let it stagnate in my head. And it’s not that much anyway:

In line with anonymous’ Harry is raised in Auradon… I was actually thinking it might be interesting if instead of taking Carlos’ place, Harry takes Jane’s or, maybe, is raised alongside Jane as her brother. Like… where best to hide a magical baby than with the baby of one of the most magical beings in Auradon.

But I guess the fic would be a lot about how Harry has been doing accidental magic since he was young and how that twists Jane’s self-esteem because her brother has magic but she (supposedly) doesn’t. But, tbh, I don’t care that much about Jane to the point of writing a Jane-centric HP-fusion fic.

And I guess there could be some interesting conflict/drama about how Harry’s eye color is worryingly similar to a certain evil fairy’s. And so maybe the story is about how people think that there is a good and evil fairy born to every generation then–until Harry’s true origin is revealed–the evil fairy is assumed to be Harry (when in fact it is Mal). I dunno.

I’d go about connecting the two world through magic lore, but I don’t know enough/don’t care enough to create one interesting enough to sustain a fusion fic.

Like I said. Very messy.

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