OMG!! your Once Then Always CoN thing? I’ve been trying to write the same idea. I’ve been working on a fusion type fic of Descendants for Big Hero 6 for bh6-au-ideas and focusing on that, and I kinda just pushed the CoN idea to the side. (i can only focus on one thing at a time or i get hopelessly lost) I’m glad that I’m not the only one thinking about it though. Part of me thought it was a crazy idea, but you thought of it to! So it’s not (completely) crazy!

I’m always a sucker for fusions. Piecing together two worlds–seeing where the overlaps are, trying to reconcile the differences–it’s the absolute best.

For Once Then Always, the problem for me is that it’s been a while since I’ve read/watched CoN so I don’t completely remember everything. It’s not like Pacific Rim where the premise is very simple (giant monsters vs giant robots), there are actual sentient beings on the other side that have influence over the plot–ie Aslan and the White Witch–so I’m not yet in the headspace to write OTA. Also, like I said in my further brainstorming post, I think I would like for the four Lost kids to be sort of responsible for their parents’ demise in a roundabout way, so that’s another thing I have to figure out before I do OTA.

Anyway, it’s not a completely crazy idea. The Chronicles of Narnia are rather predisposed to crossover/fusions, what with the whole people transported magically to another world. And in a way, the Lost kids are going to another world–from Isle to Auradon–so it’s not too out there to wonder what they would be like in an actual different world.

I am leaning more towards actually writing OTA, though probably not for a while… although, if someone wants to write it instead and would like a beta/sounding-board I am totally okay with that, too.

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