Once Then Always (further brainstorming) (2015-10-01)

A/N1: Check this post out, first.


Okay, so even if I were to write this story, which I’m not saying I will (but I’m not saying I won’t either), here are some things which I would, theoretically, like to do/see, as part of the repercussions of the Lost kids being the Narnia’s Golden Four instead of the Pevensies.

1) Carlos the Gentle + Wolves –> Dogs

Carlos is literally responsible for the existence of dogs. If he hadn’t allowed the White Witches’ wolves to defect to the side of good, they would never have been domesticated, and thus would have remained wolves forever instead of steadily turning into modern day dogs.

Do you know how hilarious/potentially fascinating that would be considering dogs are the reason why his mother was caught (and banished to the Isle and potentially why Carlos even exists). It would be so great.

2) Evie the Magnificent + Dwarves interaction

If I’m remembering this right (I’ll have to do a re-watch/read of LWWA if I do end up writing Once Then Always) lot of the Black Clan dwarves were aligned with the White Witch while the Red Clan dwarves (arguably) were still on Aslan’s side. But the dwarves we see in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves aren’t clearly one Clan (as denoted by hair color) or the other. Even the two instances of dwarves we see in Descendants (Doug, with black/brown hair) and School of Secrets (unnamed, Sleepy’s kid with red hair) show that the seven dwarves of Snow White are already mixed clans.

So how do these two Clans, on opposite sides of a centuries long war, reconcile? Evie the Magnificent, that’s how. I think, though, it would kind of start out selfish on her part. Pragmatically, of course, but also simultaneously selfish. Because here are two Clans of dwarves who want to prove themselves better/more loyal to the new tetrarchs of Narnia but their main industry of weapons making is basically… defunct. So Evie, knowing that dwarves in her time are in charge of the precious metals/gemstones as well, is just like… make jewelry, make crowns worthy of the new tetrarchs of Narnia.

And she somehow gets them to grudgingly work together… somehow.

I realize now that there’s a running theme in the Lost kids unintentionally playing a part in their parents’ demise during their rule over Narnia. And… I REALLY like that. So… hm… let’s see.

3) Mal the Just…

… probably was the one to, at least temporarily, side with the White Witch. She saw a woman–just like her mother–who not only brought a kingdom to its knees but kept it there. Ruled over it for centuries? a dreadfully long time. Became queen, in fact. Maleficent never did that. Just cursed the royal family–and even that, only partially, because three weak fairies had been able to soften the blow. Make it sleep instead of death.

And at first, Mal thinks, how foolish. If you’re going to do something, do it completely. Crush it thoroughly so it can’t be undone. But she sees the effects of that under the White Witches’ rule, creatures turned to stone, unable to make up for their mistakes. And, maybe, Mal also is pragmatic more than kind about this. Maybe she thinks it’s a waste of resources. Thinning down one’s own army until there is hardly anything left. Wouldn’t it be better to temporarily imprison them, and get more use out of them later?

~something something probably relating to the White Witches’ efforts to kill her gang~ Mal realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. She goes back to her friends, asks for forgiveness, because justice is not about being punished, it’s about making sure crimes will not be committed. Will not be repeated. And sure, one way is to kill the criminals, but another way is to rehabilitate them.

Nothing can be final, there will always be a way to give someone a second chance. There are no killing curses, only sleeping curses. I dunno I’ll figure it out when I write it

4) Jay the Valiant…

Okay, let’s see, what was the cause of Jafar’s downfall. Aladdin, the “laws of genies,” uh… Is the Cave of Wonders a lion head or a tiger head? Because that could put an interesting spin on the “diamond in the rough” requirement. In that Jay is the first “diamond in the rough,” aka someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for others.

Unless Genie was there? Like… if Narnia is Auradon’s ancient past, then Genie who is an ancient being, might have been in Narnia during the Lost kids’ reign. Which means… what. Was Genie actually a bad guy before?

Hm… okay, no, this one is difficult. 

Urgh, I dunno. Should I even? I have Ain’t No Rest, though… 

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