Dreaming of S(alvation), a DoS remix drabble (2015-09-14)

Shikabane-hime. The corpse princess. As much for the bodies of her enemies she leaves behind on her missions as for the multiple times she’s flatlined then been resuscitated.

If it weren’t for the Edo Tensei, she’d be the closest thing to a zombie this world had. As it is, well, she’s definitely the closest thing to a Time Lord they have. Minus the extra heart, the sonic screw driver, and the time machine. Maybe she’s Captain Jack Harkness instead. Though she’s getting off track.

Shikabane-hime. A joke. A warning. A prophecy.

So what if she doesn’t have the near-Tsunade levels of medical knowledge like Sakura did in canon–does in real life, now that this is real life. Shikako knows seals, knows chakra, knows death.

Gaara is the first jinchuuriki that the Akatsuki go after, she knows this. She’s been planning for this, been studying and training for this. Even if she can’t stop them from ripping the Shukaku out of him, she’s not going to let him die.

Not for long, anyway.


A/N: I dunno, have this tiny thing I mashed out on my phone during my dinner break at work. I wouldn’t say it’s a continuation of my Dreaming of S(erenity), but I guess it’s in the same AU/timeline/world.

edit: title tweaked so all of my DoS remix drabbles can be uniformly tagged with Dreaming of S(omething)

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