The newest chapter was adorable. I didn’t expect Carlos to freak out, but it really fit and I loved how you showed that he was guilty over Hook’s death without shoving it in the reader’s faces. For a title, hmmm, A Tale of Two Kingdoms? It sort of fits. ((And just so you know, this is my way of reviewing/commenting on a story))

(Hope you don’t mind me posting it, so I can keep a record)

Thanks! I was also a little surprised Carlos freaked out, too, but it felt right as I was writing–like, sure he’s matured and sure he’s head of the jaeger program, but he’s still a teenaged boy who has no idea how to deal with love and his only (overt) example of it was two dead teenagers. It’s like expecting someone who has just witnessed a car crash to start learning how to drive.

I am also surprised by how prevalent in this story Jemma Hook is, considering she’s an OC. I knew I wanted her to be important–and help explain why Carlos’ symbol is crossbones–but I guess they had a deeper connection than even I could have predicted because she just keeps popping up. I’ve grown fond of her, and I kinda wish I hadn’t killed Uri off just to see how the two of them would interact. Who knows? Maybe there’ll be an interlude for that.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms… hm… I like it; but I also misread it at first and thought you suggested A Tale of Two Kings which I am also considering. Because on the one hand, Kingdoms could mean Auradon vs the Isle, or it could mean Humanity vs Kaiju. But Kings would mean Ben and Carlos which goes with the back and forth writing POVs… and the inevitable shipping. What do you think?

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