Of Veils and Polish, Part Three (2015-07-28)

There was once an old man. He had a wealth, he had power, he had wisdom; but he had no successor. Without an heir, his legacy would be lost, and so he searched.

He searched amongst the glimmering, gilded courtiers, the nobility who ruled the lands with much wealth, great power, but little wisdom. He turned away. He searched amongst the military, the diplomats, the merchants, the scholars, and the artists. He found varying amounts of wealth, decent levels of power, and promising potential for wisdom; but nothing that felt correct.

He had been searching for almost two decades, his enemies and rivals’ places secure with successors of their own, and still nothing.

Until, one day, his servant placed his tea–perfectly brewed–upon his desk. And a report full of corrections beside it.

Finally, the old man had found the perfect candidate to be his heir. His servant’s origins were humble, but within him there was the capability to do great things. And so, the old man decided to claim his servant as his apprentice, to teach him the ways of the Minister of Dusk.

The servant was a quick learner, the perfect student, a worthy heir. He would be a great Minister of Dusk.

This is not that story.


A/N: Time flew right by me and whoops… so heres a dinky continuation of these drabbles. Blurgh, sorry.

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