Externality drabble (2015-07-27)

Komadori looks at her and thinks she has gone mad. But madness can easily be disguised as eccentricity, and anyway, all of the most powerful shinobi are a little crazy. So she smiles. As do some of her small army of bunshin. But not all of them.

Because not all of them are her. Actually, none of them are her anymore. And that’s what scares him.

“Komadori, you’ve met Ryohei before. These are our other friends,” she says, gesturing at her most frequently used identity, then at the fifteen other nonexistent people behind her.

He tries not to flinch away when she grips his elbow and guides him further into the crowd of phantoms. By the brief squeeze, he knows he failed, but at least she doesn’t hold it against him.

Hypothesis: Jiraiya is related to Hatake Sakumo and, therefore, also Hatake Kakashi.

Corollary 1: Jiraiya would have known Kakashi’s mother.

Corollary 2: Jiraiya would have seen that Tetsuki resembles Kakashi’s mother.

Conclusion A: Either Jiraiya had never seen Tetsuki before Tsunade revealed her heritage,

Conclusion B: Or he saw and told no one.

If B, did he tell no one because:

i) he does not care


ii) it is a secret to be kept

If ii, who is he protecting?
AND, who/what is he protecting them from?


A/N: Yeah, I know, what is this bullshit am I right? 😛 I have forgotten how to write formal proofs so have this… nonsense instead. I suppose it works if Jiraiya was friends with Sakumo, not necessarily related to, but they look pretty damn similar that I’m just like… well… cousins, maybe?

Follow the Externality tag for other related stuff. I don’t know if it will help make any sense of things, but maybe it will.

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